Which do you prefer Japanese or U.S.


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I was just wondering what everyone's preference is on Neo carts. And when I say U.S. carts I mean the one's that SNK released not converted crap. I personally prefer Japanese carts because they are still being made in Japan and you can continue collecting them all as a Japanese set. I know it doesn't matter but its just personal preference. Tell me what you think.


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I have to go with the english. I like them better because of the english manuals. I also like the newer English inserts more than the JP versions.

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If and when I buy home carts, I like the English version, since I can actually read the manual. However, if the Japanese version is more easily found, I'll be just as happy with that. The only game I can think of that I have, that I wish I found the Japanese version of, is Fatal Fury, since that (U.S.) cover is SO God-awful ugly. Hmmm, well, the Japanese cover of Sengoku was cooler too, but at least the U.S. cover doesn't make you wince to see it.

I can remember back when Fatal Fury 2 was released, The Reverend 330 Mega and I both bought the game from the now defunct Die Hard Game Club at the same time. The strange thing is, I payed I think $20 less than he did because I bought the Japanese version. I guess it was a silly assed policy Die Hard must've had or something. I can see the English versions of games going up now, but at the time, I couldn't figure that out.



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I prefer the english version over the jap versions but ill always buy the jap versions until i get ahold of the english version. Then i can sell off the jap version (or use them to sac) and be very happy.


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I value the English carts higher because they are harder to find. The English versions, in my opinion, look better on a shelf because of the readable title and meg count on the spine. I still enjoy owning and collecting both English and Japanese versions of home carts.


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I prefer the Japanese carts because I like to have a whole set of SNK made games all in one set and since they are no longer making American games I like the Japanese better because thats all thats left.


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Here is a list of NGF cartridges in English form provided by NGF for Neo fans:

Blazing Star,
Breaker's Revenge,
Bust-a-Move Again EX,
Captain Tomaday,
Flip Shot,
Fight Fever,
Goal Goal Goal,
the Irritating Maze,
Legend of Success Joe,
Magical Drop 2,
Magical Drop 3,
Money Puzzle Exchanger,
Metal Slug 3,
Neo Bomberman,
Neo Driftout,
NeoGeo Cup 98,
Pleasure Goal,
Pop 'n Bounce,
Power Spikes 2,
Prehistoric Isle 2,
Puzzle de Pon,
Puzzle de Pon R,
Shock Troopers,
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad,
Stakes Winner 2,
Strikers 1945 PLUS,
Super Dodgeball,
Twinkle Star Sprites,
Waku Waku 7,
World Soccer 96,

That's 37 more English games that NGF has put together for the Neo fans worldwide.

And we corrected all the inserts that were wrongly done by SNK-USA. We added the real game title logo and genre stripes.

Add those extra to all the Jap unreleased inserts and NGF has made a contribution of over 100 inserts for the NeoGeo AES cartridges.

These are just some of the things NGF does for the Neo fans.



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I prefer both or neither. If I had to choose, I like the DogTag inserts best. I payed more to get my Kof'99 in Japanese because thats what I wanted. After seeing the Japanese insert scan Adol made for MarkOfTheWolves I quickly ordered a US version. For years SNK made each one different from the next. I would swear their strippers/layout artists must have been drunk half the time. That is one of the things that always endeared me to SNK. It is very much like the awful language translations. They are so bad they rock. Since so few looked similar, I always took each game individually. Some carts I like in Japanese, others I like in english better. I really like having all the carts on a shelf and having almost nothing line up and the colors not matching. It looks very chaotic and I like it. What I like is all that matters to me.


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I totally agree Trey.

Garou US creams the japanese version insert (Mark of the "Worves"). I like both styles and I have a collection thats about 50/50.

Japanese Slug X has to be one of the all time best inserts ever, US or jap. Camo spine is just too cool. And compare it to the US version... blech!!! =)

I agree with Nick and Shawn. I like the carts individually and I like the meg count boxes. So mostly i prefer english.
But if the game only was releaced in Japan, i want that Jap version. I would not buy a remade insert or something. Allways original as far as you can.

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It seems to me that the BIGGEST catch with NGF, is that they provide us with beautiful and the best INSERTS/STICKERS available. Many others can convert carts and so on. But NGF has the best artwork. Now, I would like to know how much would you chardge for you'r art work if I would like to buy it from you? Shure you allso have other games that are original. Like the "Digger Man" but the artwork is the main thing why get an NGF cart. But I have to say that the artwork only is not worth 100's of dollars. Please answer that question.

(Text copyed from Lardge cart deal with Shawn)



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Hi Robi15,
If you like NGF inserts then thats cool. Its as simple as that. I'm of the opinion that if something makes you happy, then float your boat. Drawing up insert's can be fun. It can also be somewhat time consuming. You have to place value the way you see it. Everyone's different.

If you'd like to see how I and many other folks view/value inserts,
feel free to check this link: http://grador.radix.net/%7Ekws/trey/nickthfuryFAQ.txt
Its a work(slow) in progress & I appreciate any intelligent comments or questions on either it or my site.

I feel as long as authenticity isnt a concern its fun to make something every now & then. I always pick authentic over unofficial/fake when I can. Of course its a heck of a lot easier to buy a mvs game & scan the marquee. I really dont see why more folks haven't done that, but thats just me. It looks great and its easy. Scan, slap into a template & print. Inkjets have gotten very good over the last couple of years. It just takes a little effort.
They look good Nick. But I want to know how much does NGF chardge for ONLY theyr artwork.
Insert n' sticker. How big is the NGF artworks value? That's my question.


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I tend to go with Japanese games for the most part. The spines are all unique and generally quite colourful, plus they have the true Neo·Geo logo at the top, the look of which I like when many are lined up.

For older games like Crossed Swords & Magician Lord, prior to that horrid creation of colour striping, I always go for the English carts. I love to read the storyline of the game in the instruction booklet, so sometimes I'll buy the English version of a given game in any case, provided one shows up at some point for a reasonable price.