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Dec 4, 1977
Welcome to the "Best of" NG.com Threads Forum, a collection of notable threads from the Neo-Geo.com forums.

This read-only forum was created to celebrate the 5th Year Anniversary of the NG.com forums, which opened in August 2000 with a lively membership that transitioned from a previous Neo-Geo-themed Yahoo Club.

Here's a basic "User Guide" for this forum:
  • Each thread begins with an "Editor's Note" that explains why the thread was added, it's significance to the overall forum, and any relevant backgrounds information that might make the thread easier to understand for someone not familiar with the previous five years of the website (including links to other relevant threads, if necessary).
  • In 2003, NG.com switched from using the UBB forum to vBulletin. All the old threads were recopied in the vBulletin forum. As a result, the formatting in some of the threads that were initially in UBB format are a little messy in their vBulletin version. Thankfully, if you're familiar with the basic code for forum functions, you'll be able to tell what was originally represented.
  • Because many of these threads are a year old or more, you're going to need to set the forum viewing options (at the bottom left of the screen) to "Show All Threads". OR you can click on this link and get the setting automatically set.
  • All the Threads are closed.
  • Members cannot create new threads in this forum.
  • Some threads included (in)famous pictures. Sometimes those links were down. Where possible, those photos were relocated and added again. If there are any additional old photos you can supply, contact us in the Suggestion Thread (see below for more information).
  • If a person would like to nominate a thread for addition to the forum, they can make their suggestion in the "Suggestion/Feedback Thread" in the Suggestions Forum. All future additions are determined by the Moderators and Administrators of NG.com.

We hope you enjoy this collection of classic threads.

-- Neo-Geo.com Staff
Not open for further replies.