What Neo title has the best attract mode?

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I’m too busy pressing start to play the game than sit and watch some attract mode. Buncha sinners in here.

Kid Panda

The Chinese Kid
WOW this new forum looks flamboyant.

Here's the MVS Last Blade 2 with Neo Geo CD music in MAME.

Still waiting on that amazing 60 FPS 240hz Metal Slug PC port you’ve been touting for the past two years. Cmon Brian Fargo, show me the stunning programming abilities.


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Ninja Masters, Fatal Fury 3, Last Blade 2, Real Bout, Real Bout 2.

SamSho II and III never get old.

Art of Fighting 2

Man, I sometimes I keep some of these running in the background while I do stuff.

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Fatal Fury 3 and SS3 had the best attract mode for actual attraction. The music was undeniable and you would hear it clearly in any arcade they were in. No matter what other game you would be playing.
I’d give KoF95 3rd place after those.


Yeah, the opening to FF3 definitely made an impression on me back in the arcades too.
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FF3 RB2 KOF97 and 98 and LB2 for the win. I was mesmerised with AOF1 in the arcades back in the day. If I had to pick though I’d go with FF3.


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For me the intro of Shock Troopers is instantly recognizable and incredibly loud. Granted it's probably not "the best" but subjectively it is to me.


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Last Blade 2. I really like the music in that game as well.
Also Aero Fighters 3 has a cool attract song. Gotta have a phat subwoofer to appreciate that one.
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While I'm totally onboard with Garou and the Last Blade series (I actually prefer the simpler presentation of the first game)... take a look at Power Spikes II. The intro to that game always get me hyped to play some cybernetic volleyball.

Then the actual games starts oof.
The attract mode is the best part of the game.

Power Spikes II intro

and you can't forget SVC Chaos!

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Last Resort.
Seeing the shattered pieces rise to form the titles, along with the ominous music was next level to me. That was waaay back at Funcoland.


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FF3 comes to mind, along with Blazing Star and, yes, Garou. I have a soft spot for the SamSho 1 intro though, as it is simple yet iconic and mood setting. The moment one heard the drums, it was clear something special and different was being introduced, not just another typical fighting game clone.

Mr. Karate II

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As the title states, what Neo game has the attract mode that grabs your attention the most, the one that stands out for you?
In my personal list I have thirty (considereds only the one hundred and forty eight titles of the MVS catalog) [It is practically more than twenty percent of the total]

I also included 'Legend of Success Joe' (:mr_t:): I know it very well that it is a completely atrocious game, but I am tied to the comic and the cartoon, that they are were of real cultural phenomena during Japan of the sixties.

I will therefore divide the post into six parts: considering that the limit is only five videos for message.


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