What Neo Geo game are you going to get next?


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For some of us that don't have much of a collection, what games are you going to get next??? I think I'm going to try out Last Blade 2.


I have just sent of my payment to Jyoshi for Last Blade 1 and 2 which will bring my collection to 7 games. Total cost $500 inc shipping. After that I may get KOF99.

Neo Bomber Man

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For me, I have Metal Slug 3 (sealed), Sengoku 2 and Minasan no Okagesamadesu (cardboard boxed I think) on the way. An English Crossed Swords, Magician Lord and Sengoku however would be great if I could find them reasonably priced. Right now I'm in the process of trying to get two of those three. After just halving my collection, I have a bit of money to spend.


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I am still rooting around for a Windjammers. I know some people advertise it for $150, but I can wait until the hype dies down a bit on the Neo and pick it up for $70 or so in a few years. Surely when some of the current college aged fans hit 30 and settle down with wife and kids a few will turn up on Ebay to help with the mortgage payments. Other than that I am pretty well set with my meager 17 carts. I guess the next game I will get on home cart is KoF 2K assuming it is in production.
BTW Gambit LB2 is a great choice. I like that game even more than SS4 honestly and hope there is truth to the word about LB3 being in the works. I hope it has more features compared to 2 than 2 had compared to 1 though.


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Either King of Fighters 98 from Shawn or Metal Slug X somewhere. I want to get some great games but i dont want to spend over 250!

Yes I know I probably wont find a Metal Slug X for 250, but i have seen a mint one go for 250 on EBay a little while ago!



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I need to pick up a cool shooter like Pulstar
or Blazing Star. Or King of Fighters 2000 if
that comes out soon.

Neo Bomber Man

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Originally posted by Master Terry Bogard:
Neo Geo CD: Magical Drop 2/3?

Magical Drop 3 never made it to CD, so you'd really want the MVS of that game. The home cart is just too rare to bother with. Not so much the price, just how infrequently it appears.


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I'm not sure but shouldn't I get Last Blade 1 before I get 2??? Or does it matter. I feel that I would appreciate Last Blade2 more if I play the first one. Your thoughts?

Lou Gojira

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This is just my opinion about Last Blade 2, and granted I'm not the biggest fan of that series, but I thought the first one was a lot better.

Will you enjoy the 2nd one more if you play part 1 first? I don't really see how, because part 2 is a beautiful game in its own right. I'm partial to the first one because I thought part 2 was a little too frustrating (the cpu characters, from the third fight on, seem to deflect every single swing you make at them). But then again, my taste for fighters goes the way of KOF and Real Bout, so maybe it's my skill (or lack thereof) that makes me think this way.

This isn't to sway you at all from a work of art like Last Blade 2. Definitely pick it up. It's no where near the hack-fest of SS4 (which I liked better too), but it's a fighter that'll challenge you to worry more about planning out a strategy, and outwitting and out dodging more than connecting hits.

Lou Gojira

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As for which game I'd REALLY like to get next, I'd love to get Metal Slug 3, but cash being the way it is for me, I realize that game'll just be a dream for a while. Hell, while I'm dreaming, I might as well say Super Tag Battle, Blazing Star and Waku Waku 7 too.


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I would also love to get Metal Slug 3. There's a bunch of games I want to get, just low on cash right now paying for college and stuff.


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Originally posted by Lou Gojira:
This is just my opinion about Last Blade 2, and granted I'm not the biggest fan of that series, but I thought the first one was a lot better.

Will you enjoy the 2nd one more if you play part 1 first

In my opinion, Last Blade is the alpha version while Last Blade 2 is the final product the programmers were able to conjure up. The characters in Last Blade seem to be missing animations. The music is inferior to nonexistent in some stages of LB1, and the backgrounds are clearly less detailed.

Last Blade 2 is the finished game. However, I do like Kaede better in LB1. Nice thing about LB2, there is a code you can use during character select which will let you play with the original Kaede.

LB2 is amazing! The speed version and power version of each character, not to mention the EX version (best of both speed and power). Literally three distinct, playable versions of every character.

LB2 makes KoF look like child’s play.


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So would you say since I'm not a collector of carts, then I should just go with Last Blade 2.


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I would also say myself that LB1 felt like it was missing something. Going to LB2 straight probably would be better idea if youre not into collecting.

And for my next games (hopefully)

Cart - KoF94(for cheap,make me an offer!)
CD - AOF3 LTD (cheap! hehe)
NGP- Falsei!

Master Terry Bogard

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Thanks. You are right Neo Bomberman. That's why I used 2/3? I wasn't sure if #3 cameout for the Neo Geo cd. So, I will probably look for #2. I will most likely get #3 for the MVS as well. I am just trying to fill my Neo Geo cd collection w/ some puzzle titles-I am a bit lacking on it. Also, I may get KOF 95 for the MVS as well. Hopefully.


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Well I've got KOF 2000 on order and I'm waiting for my supplier to get hold of a copy of Top Hunter. After that I'll probably get the following:

Neo Geo Cup 98
Magical Drop 3
Wind Jammers
Shock Troopers 2


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The game I most want to get next is Windjammers. I have been searching for a reasonably priced copy for over a year now.
Most likely I will probably get Real Bout or NeoCup 98 next, and keep dreaming of Windjammers.


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I picked up a mint copy of Windjammers on eBay for $86 so you guys should make it a note to keep scouring eBay.

My next game will be the ever elusive (to me) game Super Dodgeball!



Kabuki Klasher
The next game I am going to get will probably be KOF 2000. I wish I could buy others but it is really breaking my bank account.