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Hattori Hanzo

1 Year Member
Sep 14, 2018
Strange Journey Volume One vinyl release on December 2nd via Bandcamp.

CunninLynguists said:
Over the last several years, It has been at our own dismay that we haven’t been able to efficiently fulfill your vinyl needs. We appreciate your patience as we've worked through it and thankfully we have finally found a solution that we hope makes everyone happy.

We are striking out into a new era of CunninLynguists merch fulfillment, starting with expanding upon our business relations with Bandcamp.

For our next vinyl endeavor, Bandcamp will handle fulfillment and customer service for all pledgers!

Due to our solid long standing relationship with Bandcamp, we are confident that they will carry this out with the utmost integrity.

In order to commemorate this new facet of our relationship, we would like to start it out with an album that’s never been on vinyl before.

Strange Journey Volume One. On a heavy-duty, multi-colored double vinyl.

Whether or not we follow this up with the first time pressing of Strange Journey Volume Two will be up to you and how happy you are with how things go.

We appreciate that our fans are excited over the collectability of our vinyl, so in order to preserve that there is a set amount of time that the vinyl will be available to purchase.

30 days.

All orders will be fulfilled. No matter how great or small.

Strange Journey Volume One was recorded around the time that we were able to actually start touring the world at a high level and meeting you all face to face. Shaking hands, taking pictures, smoking weed, trading stores and making memories.

The Strange Journey trilogy commemorates everything that is great about the relationship with both our fans and the artists we've met along the way.

We would appreciate your help in making this a successful venture so that we can continue to build upon this strange journey and our future plans. Which include new music, new merchandise and new collaborations.

Preorders begin on this Friday, December 2nd, which is the final Bandcamp Friday of the year.