Weekly Roundup 3-24-19


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Dec 16, 2000
Mario Party

Dragon Quest VIII


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Jul 9, 2001
Tetris 99
Timber man vs
VS Super Mario

Money Puzzle Exchanger


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Oct 1, 2013
Last of Us Remastered - got the gf to play through the intro and she cried, so she's emotionally invested. Just clearing it for now, I'll do my own game in a new game plus to get all of the comics and pendants.

Legend of Dragoon - disc 3,. Beat the grand Jewel boss and it was a bitch.


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Mar 9, 2012

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for All


Zelda Breath of the Wild

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch- The final boss in this game is a huge pain, I can't seem to beat him


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Feb 10, 2003
@snes_collector: Never came close to beating it, but Wade Hixton is a wonderful Punchout! copycat!

Nintendo 2DS
- Mario Kart 7
Got a Streetpass hit for this, so, I raced the girl/woman's time attack and cup data that she sent me and easily beat her best times on both, even though I came in 3rd overall on the cup (she ranked 5th). That's still a hell of a lot better than the last Streetpass hit I got for this game, as that guy was so bad, I was more than an entire lap ahead of him by the end of the race and I'm no Mario Kart master. I thought I had everything, but I unlocked a new Bee chassis too—the damn thing is right on the front of the box my 2DS came in, so, I don’t know how I never noticed that I didn’t have it yet.
- Nintendo Badge Arcade
1,497 badges, I wonder if I’ll get anything special when I hit 1,500?
- Pokemon Picross
49 Pokemon caught. I saved up and purchased entry into the 8th area on Thursday, and easily caught all of the Pokemon in that new area (except the mega evolved one, because I don't have anywhere near $500, and, if I did, I'd use that money to unlock several more areas instead) before the day was done, so, now, I'm back to grinding for money for a week or two to do it all over again. Pikachu thinks I'm an idiot, and I'm inclined to agree.
- Pokemon Rumble World
74th rank with 664 Pokemon caught (only 55 critters and 5 ranks left to go). Got my $160 balloon and another 25 new Pokemon from it thus far, so, um, back to the grind again and saving up for the $140 one next. I dearly hope that I'm wrong, but, I have the sick feeling that there might be a secret $180 balloon that I just haven't unlocked yet, because it's rather suspicious that the prices go 100, 120, 140, 160, 200 dollars. If there is, I think I'm going to cry.
- Pokemon Shuffle
21st rank, 346 stages cleared, 611 Pokemon caught. Gnabbed a Shiny Ho-Oh (for those of you that don’t know, it’s a mythical bird, not a glittery whore), but, had to use a jewel to do it. Without any power-ups, I could only lower the Ho-Oh's life bar by about 1/3 in 25 turns, with all of the power-ups, it only took me 7 moves to completely destroy it, which is just bullshit pay-to-win game imbalance that makes me feel dirty.
- Resident Evil: Revelations
I like this game, but got distracted by other titles, so, I finally returned to it this morning with an eye on finishing it this time. I’m on episode 5 of the story, but I also like playing the Raid mode. This morning, I beat the casino boat stage with the female zombie boss, and, man, that fight bothered me, psychologically—I really don’t like shooting a woman, albeit a monstrous undead one, that constantly wails “It hurts! It hurts!” Both disturbing and heartwrenching, but, there’s no way to save her, and if I don’t kill her she’d most certainly murder Jill Valentine.
- Slot Car Rivals
Got another Streetpass hit, from a different girl/woman, so, after getting a bunch of Metroid: Other M puzzle pieces from her Mii, I raced, and beat, her in this game and finally earned A rank track access (all of my play coins go towards Rumble World Mii visits, so, as you need those, or Mii Plaza Streetpass hits, to race, I haven't played this game in months, even though I enjoy it).
- Swapdoodle

- Mario's Picross
54/64 of Yoshi’s easy Picross puzzles finished, 12/64 of the Kinoko (mushroom) Picross puzzles completed.


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Aug 13, 2001
Sekiro (PS4), I have memorized the Kanji "Death".