Waku Waku 7


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The EPROMs having no label is a bit odd, because those couple ROMs aside it looks pretty legit.

I would lean more toward a repaired cart than a full on boot. Pics of the solder side might help to determine more info.

PROG board looks normal I think... https://www.mvs-scans.com/index.php/Waku_Waku_7

If you look at the label, that's a Korean Waku Waku 7. It's possible that EP1 and EP2 are different from the normal Japanese/US cart, hence why they're on EPROMs.


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Updated thread with back of the boards pictures. Couldn't find any scans out there to compare with a Korean board, but maybe so.
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The soldering checks out to be factory done. Like Neo Alec said, it's legit, and like wyo said, do a CRC check in the Unibios to see if any of the ROM banks return a different value than what it expects. That would mean there's some changes in the data, likely for the Korean market.