VS Duck Hunt repro problem.


Giga Shock!!
Posting this for a friend. He sent me this via Facebook chat. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks.

VS Duck Hunt NES Repro only wants to work on my retron 3 (v2). It was working briefly on my av modded toploader, but now won't work at all on the toploader. I can get the game to occasionally work on my NES toaster (lockout chip on a switch, over clock on a switch) but always boots with sprite glitches (dog and ducks glitch out). Game is playable with graphic glitches. Lockout chip enabled or not makes no difference. But I can almost always get the game to boot on the retron 3 in just a try or two. Systems and cart pins are all clean, used metal polish and rubbing alcohol. No cold solder joints on repro board