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  • Hello. I placed an order (25100) for an Omega console today and have a couple of questions.
    1) is the 4 week time to ship correct?
    2) My order is not listed under my account for some reason. Could you possibly fix that?
    Thank you
    Hey mate I wanted to pm u, however I’m unsure as to where on this site I can do that?. Email me
    Hey there! Just checking in on an RGB cable I ordered a while ago; it hasn't marked as shipped yet on ArcadeWorks? Thanks!
    Hey shadowkn55 .. Would you by chance have an extra video encoder that you would be willing to sell me ?? I decided to scrap the 4 slot cmvs project I was working on .. I scored on a 2 slot and I'm gonna consolize that one instead ..

    Thank you for taking the time to read this ... William
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Beelzebub wrote on Neo_Mike_81's profile.
Will you kindly delete your drawing from my art thread? Start your own art thread if you want to post your stuff.
Sylvie wrote on Neo_Mike_81's profile.
Neo_Mike: NOT a big tymer
Burning Fight!! wrote on Neo_Mike_81's profile.
Is that a real doll posing with a neo geo x? You're too big tymer for this forum.
Did someone just touch my balls?

No? why not?!
Sylvie wrote on lachlan's profile.
Hey there Lachie :keke: