Thief, Scammer, Liar: The Dion Dakis Story – The Definitive Retrospective

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Sep 11, 2002
Very good post Mikhail
Not once did you use profanity or all out attack him. If by some odd chance a book is made about the whole NGF debate I hope someone points this post out


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Jul 23, 2001
That, my friend, is Sig. worthy. See below.

Well done.
This kills me, Mr.Jerkoff Movies and long time buddy of Dion gets burned and you folks think he is a hero? Mr.Johnny on the Spot reporting got scammed thats that. All this I wanted to see how the insert was, rare protos art, ect. thats all greed and bullshit.

Grab those ankles you fuckin Dion Fan Boy, you've just been ganked and deserve it for your support.


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Dec 14, 2001
It's just a shame that you have to drag Chris Ray's name along with you, since at least Chris is decent and reliable as a salesman.

Could you please help us understand what you meant by this above as an opinion??
Well, Robert, it is exactly as I stated, my opinion of Chris Ray. My opinion about Dion Dakis is that he is a scamming thief and a liar, and I back up that opinion with facts that make my opinion a fact in itself. However, I have no facts from my personal dealings with Chris Ray to indicate that he is a scammer, thus I can not include him in my post.
That's just my point,it is YOU who mentioned Chris Ray 1st. They come as a package deal and just becuse you were lucky enough not to get burned by him does'nt mean he has'nt burned others.
Just because you state it does'nt "seal the deal"
as fact.
The many complaints that have been put out there are ALL CREDIBLE. Nobody is trying to bury anyone else around here just for KICKS
People that have attempted to do so had it backfire on them everytime.
I also agree with GA. I applauded your unbiased review of the KOF 2K. It was and will probably remain one of the top reviews I've ever read related to this scene. It was/is oooozing a non bias..but then Mikhail I noticed you started to backpeddle or hedge on your unbiased review making comments that would lead Dion to believe that you supported him..and this went on for abit until you went to the show where the protos were supposed to debut and found NOTHING. I could see you were returning to your old self again after having been disappointed by the NGF lies.You stayed silent for awhile after that fiasco andthen I read on the ML where Dion dissed you about something(don't remember) and then all of the sudden you were ANTI-NGF.
Mikhail,what I'm trying to tell you is that we all don't have to drink the poison in order to confirm what results it will bring.
What you are only doing is confirming the many complaints you've read as TRUE.Many others have done themselves the favor of heeding the messages from years past,you did'nt.

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May 4, 2004
Lock all these threads so that idiots can't bump them.

In fact they should all be edited down to the important posts so that whenever someone looks up Dion and other scumbags all there is are facts about what a piece of shit they are.
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