The Irritating Maze compatibility


Edo Express Delivery Guy
I've got the opportunity to grab a set for The Irritating Maze (cart + adapter + trackball).
It's easy to find MV-1B boards but with OG BIOS.
So 2 questions :
- Is the .bin file for the modified (but official) BIOS available somewhere?
- Is there a difference in gameplay by using Raz's Unibios with the trackball on a normal board?
I know there is also a classic joypad compatibility mode with the Unibios but I'd really like to experience the trackball.


Divine Hand of the UniBIOS,
Staff member
The unibios has been tested and using the trackball is the default option with this game.



Edo Express Delivery Guy
Thanks Raz. Once again you gave me a perfect answer: Unibios is the key!
I take it you have emulated the functionalities of the specific board (the one that fits between the cabinet and the MVS board) in the Unibios, isn't it?
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