Terraonion announces the MegaSD FPGA Sega CD/Mega-CD for your Megadrive and Genesis


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Announced during the TO Direct

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Terraonion announce MegaSD for Sega Mega Drive and Genesis consoles
Worlds first optical disc emulator for Sega CD/Mega-CD

Andorra la Vella, Andorra: Terraonion today announced the all new MegaSD cartridge for Sega Mega Drive and Genesis consoles. The MegaSD is an all-in-one FPGA cartridge that duplicates the Sega CD/Mega-CD hardware and allows owners to play these games back from a microSD card. The MegaSD also is a general purpose rom flashcart allowing the playing of Mega Drive and Genesis cartridge games.

Features and benefits of the MegaSD include:

* World’s First Mega-CD/Sega CD FPGA Optical Disc Emulator
* Plays both ISOS (bin+cue) and ROMS
* Compatible with all original and region free patched Mega-CD/Sega CD bios
* Supports Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega CD/Mega-CD, Master System and 32X games (requires 32X add-on)
* Fully Supports original Mega Drive and Genesis hardware (Nomad included)
* Fully compatible with Analogue Mega Sg!
* Easy to use interface for navigating your collection with screenshots, genre, year and description
* Save State support for Mega Drive and Genesis Cartridge games (8 slots)
* Built in cheat engine for Mega Drive and Genesis cartridge games
* Emulates all different Genesis/Mega Drive/Master System/32x cartridge mappers.
* Stores all different Genesis/Mega Drive/Master System/32x cartridge saves onto microSD card.
* Per game Mega-CD/Sega CD Backup RAM and Cartridge RAM stored into microSD card
* Master System FM Core
* In-Game menu for fast reboot and swapping games(Genesis/Mega Drive and Mega-CD/Sega CD)
* Enhanced Mega Drive games with CD audio and Mega-CD/Sega CD hardware (MSU1 like)
* 400GB Exfat microSD supported

MegaSD will be available starting today, at 250 Euros with shipping starting early August. For more information on MegaSD, visit Terraonion.com.

Terraonion – A world class leader in FPGA based flashcarts and optical disc emulators.



Carless Walker

Kabuki Klasher
Neat stuff Todd. I like the addition of the save state feature. (As a parent this is the single greatest gaming quality of life improvement one could ask for)


Crossed Swords Squire
I was almost about to order another Everdrive cart but then this popped up!!! So I'm in!!


Giga Shock!!
This thing looks pretty awesome. I'm definitely getting one next tax season.

Will using the adapter that plugs into the expansion port allow you to dump your own carts?


Giga Shock!!
Modern Vintage Gamer review is up.

I'm really tempted by this product.I wouldn't mind having one just as backup for playing sega-cd games.


Giga Shock!!
Came across the Mega SD device on their website and it looks promising. Got to give credit to the Terraonion team. They keep rolling out cool stuff and keep sucking up more money from my wallet!


Another Striker
If someone already got his mega SD how much vat/customs did you have to pay on your side... Won't be sheap for us all now

I really hope dhl doesn't do advanced payment on vat because they charge extra for it and don't ask beforehand
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