Sound problem in MV1A


Quiz Detective
Jan 10, 2018
I have a board that doesn't output audio. Well that's not strictly true, because in some games I still hear very specific sounds, like in metal slug, when I grab a jewel or apple, I hear the sound.

I have concentrated on chip YM3016D, the DAC.

I've checked that pin 4 is pulsing, so the data coming from YM2610 seems to be there.

I'm using an external audio amplifier with speaker, and checked audio outputs on pin 10 and 11 (left and right channels) of the YM3016D and there is no audio.
But on pin 12 (COM) I get a perfect sound of the game. All sounds and music are there, perfectly reproduced.

Do you guys think it's 100% sure it's the YM3016 that is dead? Or could it be something else?

I don't have spare YM3016, so I ordered some to check if it is the problem, but until it arrives, I'd like to check other things.