Shock Troopers. Boot? Pics inside.


Giga Shock!!
I got a Shock Troopers kit recently and it does some weird stuff. Everytime I've ever played ST and you pick team battle, when one person dies, it goes on to the next. But my cart doesn't do that... You pick your three characters and everything, but when one dies, it's game over. I don't know if it's a unibios thing or what's going on. I thought maybe it was just dirty, so I gave it a good cleaning, and it barely dirtied the q tips... Here are some pics of it.


Edit: That piece of paper on the PCB is from me, so I could differentiate between the boards... This is the first time I've taken an MVS cart apart. :loco:


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Giga Shock!!
Oh really? I didn't know that.

No, mine's a black cart. It's full kit, too... That's why I thought it was weird.

Amano Jacu

Charles Barkley
Yep, it's original, as Andy says there's 2 versions of this game. I have the red Korean one and it behaves the other way in Team Battle.


Giga Shock!!
I see. Thanks for your help everybody. I was sweating there for a second... Hahaha.

I bought my friend a Shock Troopers cart last xmas. It's a U.S. cart, just like mine, but it also behaves the other way in team battle... It's too bad, I really like team battle when you get to play all 3 characters.