Shawn's cart pics are popular!


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Yeah, found a few in an auction here:

It wouldn't be so bad if the seller mentioned that the carts he has for sale are NOT the exact ones pictured!! Kind of sleazy to rip the pics and not mentione that . . .
First someone copies his price guide now his neo cart pics... this really is pathetic. I mean, even if I was going to bid on one of the cart auctions which are using these pics, I would want a pic of the actual merchandise,not one ripped off another site.


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The use of the cart pictures of is not discouraged. No need to give credit to the source since the domain name is watermarked on the pictures. The way I look at it, the site is getting more publicity in this manner. But for the buyers of these auctions, there is a down side, since he/she is not actually viewing the same copy of the game for sale. However, this is how I list my carts for sale on my store page. I don’t make new pictures, but I do state the condition of each individual component. If the seller of the auctions on eBay does not state the condition of his carts for sale in detail, this could be misleading.
well although the pictured are watermarked, If they are pulling them from your site they are adding to your download KB for your hostway account. So if the next bill comes in high you will know part of the reason.