Saturn/DC cleanout


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Oct 31, 2001
Getting rid of the few titles I still have all games are complete and in excellent condition. I'm not really interested in breaking up or selling stuff seperately, I think my prices are fair so take it or leave it. I take paypal, contact me and we'll figure out shipping.

DC Bundle - $120

Jet Grind Radia
Mars Matrix
Soul Calibur
Chu Chu Rocket
House of the dead 2
Rez (eur)
Shenmue (jpn)
Tech Romancer
Power stone (jpn)
Power Stone 2
Project Justice
Guilty Gear X (jpn)
marvel vs. capcom 2 (jpn)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (jpn coll ed.)
Capcom vs. snk (jpn)
SF 3 - W Impact (jpn)
Ikaruga (jpn)
kof 99 (jpn)

Saturn stuff - $85
marvel super heroes vs. streetfighter (jpn)
thunder force 5 (jpn)
symphony of the night (jpn)
Vampire savior (jpn)
Street fighter collection (jpn)
Super Dimension Fortress Macross (jpn)
Dark Savior (us)
Christmas Nights (US)

-edit- Sorry for the slow update, Segafan4life fas the first to get his pm in and the games are sold to him. Thanks for the attention everyone.
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