Rate It!!: Sengoku Edition

Which is the best in the series?

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Xian Xi

Combos are fine but the thing I hate most about 3 is the time it takes to kill a regular enemy. In other games they would be considered sub bosses. Speaking of which makes it boring fast to me.

I like Sengoku 1 as it just feels like a really weird japanese nightmare especially when you play it in a dark room with the sound turned up. But 2 is my fave.


Kula's Candy
3 wins by default since i haven't played 1 or 2, but i imagine 2 holds up better than the first. so for me it would go Sengoku 3, 2, 1. the characters, the animation, music and combo-system in part 3 make it my favorite.

really need to play 2 though because i feel like i'm missing out on where the series came from.


Jaguar Ninja
i had an awesome time with sengoku 3.

i had a friend over, we wanted to watch a football (soccer) match.

during the half-time break we played sengoku 3 and totally forgot about the football match.

we rocked the game, our team won the match, totally awesome day.

but i like every game in the series!


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I dig 3 for the player depth and combos. The enemies and stages lack development in my opinion, but it's still my favorite.


King of Spammers
3 is alright, but fuck it gets tiresome. you just want it to end.

I'm not a fan of the scrolling beat'em up genre, I find it tiresome as a whole, if I had to own one it'd probably be Final Fight.


3 by a far. 1 and 2 have this crazy ass goofy thing going on. Plus the transformations are just straight out lame. Turn into a cowboy? The graphics are very dated in the orginal 2 and just dont hold up to late neo titles. Style is so much better in 3 than the other two also. It just really is no contest.


Rotterdam Nation Resident,
don't know.
none of them have left lasting impressions on me.
except for 3.
and that one was nice looking, but long and boring.

I'd rather be playing robo army.
or mutation nation.
kick ass game.
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Electric Grave

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Sengoku 3 is one of my favorite Brawlers, the first 2 don't feel like brawlers more like quick kills like sunset riders mystic warriors and shit. I like all of them but 3 is great, plus if you are a brawler man you know 3 is right up to par with Gaia Crusaders, KOV, Gladiator and all the good later era brawlers. A lot of folk don't like brawlers 'cause they credit feed through them.

On another topic but somewhat relevant, I still hold X-Men as my faorite brawler of all time followed closely by Sengoku 3 and D&D SOM, my problem with Sengoku 3 and Gaia Crusaders is that after the second or 3 rd stage all the enemies are dwarfs, but I guess it only adds difficulty to combos and juggling which is fine to hone the skills anyway.

Edit: Can't forget about Captain Commando, Battle Circuit and The Punisher. Those are awsome! I also feel like the Slammer series and AODK are kind of a fighting game with a Brawler feel to it, I love that shit!
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Trippin' Balls
I've only played Sengoku 2 on my DS but the combat felt really solid and I'd like to own the cart one day. As for the two I own, 1 + 3, I'm going with 3 because its fun for mindless beatmup action and the character animations are an attention grabber when guests are over.

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I voted for 1 because I loved the game when I owned it back in the day. Now I'd like to get it again.

I played 2 in emulation (its in my mame cabinet) but never got really into it.

3 is a great game. Nice graphics, plays really good, the famale character is cute, but it doesnt feel like Sengoku at all.


Camel Slug
3 was cool, but it's one of those games with zero replay value. After beating it once you never want to play it again.

I give it props for having unlockable characters though.

Comrade Porn King Mikhail

TЗh ЯussiaИs Дre CФm
Three is definitely the only real "brawler" out of the series. However, when comparing them as just games, Sengoku 2 wins out for the atmosphere, transformations, power ups, and music.

Praise the Lard

Sieger's Squire
While 1 & 2 definitely have the far better overall atmosphere and presentation I'd say 3 wins by a long shot with it's excellent gameplay. Yeah the backgrounds are mediocre at best, and the game is repetitive as all hell as well (can we get some more baddies?). However, the controls, hit detection, and combo system are fantastic.

It'll never go down as a classic beat em up, but it does manage to have those qualities which aren't just sorely lacking from Sengoku 1 & 2 but also from every other beat em up on the Neo Geo.

And for the tangental..

In my books Final Fight set the bar for how a beat em up should play and control, and I never figured out why SNK didn't bother with simply cloning Final Fight's overall gameplay with their early beat em up efforts. :scratch: It's nearly inexcusable to me, after all some of these titles came out 2-3 years after Final Fight. I suppose some people might actually like that sort of gameplay in their beat em ups, but I can't imagine they would amount to any substantial number.
3 is alright, but fuck it gets tiresome. you just want it to end.

I'm not a fan of the scrolling beat'em up genre, I find it tiresome as a whole, if I had to own one it'd probably be Final Fight.

I´m really tired of final fight, I think I´ve played it too much, later stages are boring, same wave of enemies over and over.

My vote goes for 2, 3 has more things in common with ninja combat than the previous sengoku games.

Michael Yagami

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2. 1 was a sketch of a good idea. 3 looks great but goes on for fuck ever and they took out the morphing or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Plus 2 has bionic Hitler.

2. Case closed.