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Sep 11, 2000
I tried your tactic a couple of times and couldn't get anywhere near your level/score. If that really did happen I commend you, and a pic should be posted in the high score thread.

I would but I played it on an emulator, I took a screenshot though, but it proves nothing so I didn´t even bothered posting it.

a tip I can give you is always go for the emerald bonus as it worth 500 points, a regular chain only worth 30 points.

The Chief

U.N. Apologist,
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Feb 4, 2002
I always try for the emerald but sometimes it isn't offered. The crown is pretty worthless, it only gives you 100 points.

If you watch the attract mode demo play the computer sets up a perfect scenario where it clears the screen. I'd be amazed if I saw an actual person pull something like that off.