Rate it! : Gururin Edition

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Jaguar Ninja
a high percentage of my time spent on my MVS is spent on puzzlers. i've been looking into Gururin for a little while but just can't seem to decide wether or not it looks fun and challenging to me.

so what would you rate it?

these threads are a great idea IMO and they should continue.

Xian Xi

Gururin I thought was OK. The only puzzler I play all the time is MD3. Gururin for some reason didnt grab me. I like my puzzlers challenging not boring.


Crossed Swords Squire
It's a good game, although I would prefer something else puzzle, like Magical Drop.


Former Moderator
I suggest future threads have a "never played" so we can see the poll without disturbing it.

The Chief

U.N. Apologist,
I think it's a pretty cool puzzle game and like most Face stuff it's kind of weird but in a good way. The backgrounds are very strange and always morphing into something else, reminiscent of an acid trip. I think the music is pretty good too, it changes every so many levels along with the background. Worth a checkout if you're a puzzle fan IMO.


I voted 5 but....... not enough experience with the game..

I did find it quite hard but I never really put much time into it..I put the Puzzlers in for my wife.

She spent more time with this game then me but she didn't take to it like I had hoped.

I need to pop it in a cab again and let her take another shot at it..

The Chief

U.N. Apologist,
Sorry but I had to bump this. I just got done playing a few rounds of this little gem trying to beat the score EK1 posted. I came very close scoring over 8000 points and making it to level 27.

Great music that's very fitting for the game. I like how both the music and backgrounds change as you level up. Very quirky and fun gameplay, different from anything else I've encountered.

It's rather difficult so I can see how some people would be turned off without really being able to get into it. I realize it doesn't have the polish of some of the more popular puzzle games like Magical Drop or Bust-A-Move but I still rate this game high on my Neo fun factor list.

The Chief

U.N. Apologist,
It can get quite crazy. The people are dropped in rows of three which you can place where you want but in between people dropping the square the people are in can be rotated left or right. The goal is to get three or more people with the same color clothes together and they fly off the screen.

There are some other play mechanics like when you advance in level the new people being dropped in stay in rows of three even if there is space below. Every so often there's a special item that drops in and one of these compacts all the people taking away all empty spaces in between.

There are also other special items that add to your score, make the square spin faster for 10 movements, clear a row of people and make people with a certain color outfit disappear.
Gururin on Level 8 seemed unplayable to me.

just have the B button on turbo and press down.

I got to the level 21 just doing that and not even paying attention to the game, just imagine how further I could go by just interfering with the bonus items.

The Chief

U.N. Apologist,

played it holding right instead of down, got to the level 33 and broke the record at our wiki: 11400.

I tried your tactic a couple of times and couldn't get anywhere near your level/score. If that really did happen I commend you, and a pic should be posted in the high score thread.