PVM Service Manuals, 20M2MDU and others.


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Does anyone know where to find information about the BVM-2016P?
Can the 2016P do high resolution (800, 900 lines) or 31kHz?
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I haven't found any docs for that monitor, sorry. I highly doubt it can do 31khz or any high def stuff though.

the TV lines spec of a monitor is not a resolution spec. It's how many alternating black/white vertical lines the display is capable of showing without them running together. While 800 TV line displays are generally "better" than 600 TV line displays, it's really not that big of a difference given a 240p (320x240) signal. 320x240 is the resolution, which has nothing to do with the TV lines spec. With a 240p signal, 240 horizontal lines are drawn no matter what. The tv line spec determines how precisely details within those lines can be displayed (in other words, how precisely vertical lines could be displayed)



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I ran text recognition on the 20M2U manual, was driving me nuts that I couldn't search it. You can download it here if you want to upload and add it to your site/list.


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Since a lot of us here have PVM's, I decided to finally post this publicly. I'll be adding other service manuals as contributed by other members.

Please be nice to my server and right-click / "save as"


20m2mdu / 14m2mdu

This manual covers 14M2MD* and 20M2MD* models, but it has also come in handy with my 20M4U and a couple other 14 inch models. Courtesy of yours truly.


Most people should just need Section 3 - Set Up Adjustments starting on page 19 of the PDF. This explains how to access the service menu, and default settings and setting ranges for most common adjustments.


Manual courtesy of 420p


PVM-20M2U, PVM-20M4U, PVM-20M2E, PVM-20M4E, PVM-20M4A

Manual courtesy of skinny503



Pretty cool catalog with lots of PVM models and specs, thanks skinny503:

http://neohyphengeo.com/1999 Catalog - PVM Monitors.pdf

http://neohyphengeo.com/sony_pvm-14m4u.pdf - brochure / specs for 14m4u, also from skinny503

https://docs.sony.com/release/PVM2030.pdf covers the 2030/2530 (thanks Codecrank)

much appreciated.


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Whoa, just saw this now so big thanks I could use this


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Didn't see this one posted in the thread yet.
I'm assuming that I have a weekend of document scanning sometime in my future?



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Awesome thread here guys!

Anyone happen to have the service manual for the PVM-3230? I'm wondering if there is a hidden menu for vsize/hsize/etc or if it will require decasing. Due to the OSD menus for other settings, I'm guessing it's the former.