PVM Service Manuals, 20M2MDU and others.


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Since a lot of us here have PVM's, I decided to finally post this publicly. I'll be adding other service manuals as contributed by other members.

Please be nice to my server and right-click / "save as"


20m2mdu / 14m2mdu

This manual covers 14M2MD* and 20M2MD* models, but it has also come in handy with my 20M4U and a couple other 14 inch models. Courtesy of yours truly.


Most people should just need Section 3 - Set Up Adjustments starting on page 19 of the PDF. This explains how to access the service menu, and default settings and setting ranges for most common adjustments.


Manual courtesy of 420p


PVM-20M2U, PVM-20M4U, PVM-20M2E, PVM-20M4E, PVM-20M4A

Manual courtesy of skinny503



Pretty cool catalog with lots of PVM models and specs, thanks skinny503:

http://neohyphengeo.com/1999 Catalog - PVM Monitors.pdf

http://neohyphengeo.com/sony_pvm-14m4u.pdf - brochure / specs for 14m4u, also from skinny503

https://docs.sony.com/release/PVM2030.pdf covers the 2030/2530 (thanks Codecrank)
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Thanks dude, this is more than appreciated, though I think I have found that somewhere else already. Gave that to the tv guy to fix my 20M7MDE.


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I've shared it with a couple people on here before, glad you were able to find it whether I helped or not :)

When I first got it, I had to pay for it, so I'm just passing it along to the neobros :)


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Nah, that's totally dope and really helped, since the 20M7MDE is pretty much identic from my not very professional view :D


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I have a friend working for press being in regular contact to sony guys. I already asked him, if he can get his hands on service manuals. no positive answer yet, though.


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Perhaps we need to create a wiki entry for all the different model PVMs, BVMs and other make of RGB monitors.

We can add owners manuals, service manuals and general adjustment tips and tricks for each model.

Because as is, that info is spread out all over the place on the web.

And some of it, like service manuals , is difficult to find. Or you have to pay for it.

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Thanks a ton! Looks like there's a lot of good information in the manual. Don't need to make any further adjustments to my PVM right now, but it's nice to have a copy in case issues crop up in the future.


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Added the 2013QM to the first post.

skinny503 should be contributing another service manual soon as well. I'm happy to host these for the community, so if anyone else has PVM service manuals please pass them along.