Paprium digital release on modern platforms

Hattori Hanzo

Krauser's Henchman
Sep 14, 2018
Hattori Hanzo said:
They released Pier Solar some years later for actual hardware and the Dreamcast. I still think Fonzie will probably do the same with Paprium.

Fonzie said:
Thanks for your patience,
Some updates for you.

Unfortunately we cannot resume shipments. PAYPAL is playing dumb paying us only a fraction of what you had originally paid.
First, we won't give-up on you. Anyone still waiting for their games will receive them eventually.

Second, we will not take any further loans to deliver and we are in the impossibility to restore e-commerce services.
It is heartbreaking for us but we have no choice but to flip our vest 180° and embrace digit-fart.

We are porting PAPRIUM to more modern platforms and we will proceed with a crowdfunding campaign in the next few days.

To clear any doubt, we will ensure people awaiting their copies will get served first and be certain nothing can beat the original SEGA hardware, a lot of surprises to be reveleated!
All our other products that were to be announced in April 2020 are postponed until further notice.
All difficulties do not apply to the ???? project, which is still on schedule thanks to the few individuals who dared circumvent the GAFAMs grip!

We will also make a FAQ video in next few days, you can post your questions in comments, we will answer them:

Important notices:
We are still processing tickets at the moment, for the few of those who didn't get an answer yet, more patience is needed, do not double-post tickets.
For returned parcels, incorrect parcel content or technical issues, we have registered your requests and are still processing them / we will get back to you.
For those still awaiting refund, we will be processing those soon through a partner's paypal account.
For urgent matters, until our situation is resolved, please refrain from posting email or tickets, please call +33(0)7 81 08 84 61, thank you for your understanding.


Dodgeball Yakuza
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Mar 14, 2001
What the hell is gafam grips? Really looking forward to project ????


Apr 12, 2003
I understand their problem with paypal, but at this point fuck all this. Shouldn't be this hard to hand over money for a homebrew game for my Genesis.

I hate that they used FGPA to cheat, this ensures I'll never be able to play it on the Genesis without some black magic fuckery unless they "port" it to the Mega Everdrive or the TerraOnion thing to take advantage of their FGPA. This whole thing is dumb.