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Apr 3, 2011
PayPal only, shipping to USA and Canada only. I reserve the right to discriminate against who I sell to. Message me if interested in buying.

Remaining items are no longer available at this time

Game Boy Color #2, clear aftermarket shell. Has large IPS screen with special light-up logo below screen, no volume amp. Has buttons and corner touch sensors connected for accessing the On-Screen Display (OSD) to adjust brightness, pixel mode, color of light-up logo and so on. Tested working good.
(Game, batteries and foam block not included)

No longer available at this time

Game Boy Pocket, original green shell, this is a model without the power LED, that is normal. Has a multi-color IPS screen installed (no volume amp). The color mode is changed by a touch sensor hidden inside the shell, it is in the upper right corner of the shell.
(Game, batteries and foam block not included)

No longer available at this time


PSOne Slim console, has MM3 modchip installed, tested works great. Includes white controller (left stick cap has some damage), official power brick, AV cable, off brand memory card (janky condition, but works), official multi-tap and two CIB games, 007 Tomorrow Never Dies and Lego Racers. Both discs I'd say are in poor shape because of circular scratches, but they do work. Sub-gamer condition on those. The console is in great shape though.

$90 USD shipped to USA and Canada.

Game Boy Color, aftermarket transparent purple shell. Has a new Q5 IPS screen and volume amp installed. Has button controls for the On-Screen Display (OSD) to change screen settings, you use A, B and Select to control it.
(Game, batteries and foam block not included)

$130 USD shipped to USA and Canada


GBA model 1, aftermarket smoke grey shell, installed is a new IPS V3 screen, new LR buttons, new speaker and a volume amp. Tested working good. Wired up are the L, R and Select for the brightness controls.
Game and batteries not included.

$120 USD shipped to USA and Canada.



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