NO FATALITIES in Samurai Showdown 5 Special


Astra Superstar
Feb 17, 2004
Ah. The warm community memories come flooding back. :)

Pre-order customers like me finding out our AES games were censored. :mad:

Then the community rallies. Raz offers to try to unlock them with his magical Universe BIOS.

A PP collection is made to send Raz another member's AES and SSVS.

Just in the knick of time, Raz unlocks the fatalities, before the deadline to send our carts in to be *fixed* but not *restored*. :rolleyes: I keep mine unfixed. :cool:

Universe BIOS 2.0 brings joy to gamers and pre order customers everywhere. A fine example of what a community is capable of.

It's nearly been a year already. :eek_2: