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NGF refers to people as BIG TYMERS when they start buying the BIGGER games. Big games are games costing over $1000, but doesn't stop there.

Usually, the people that are buying the bigger games have over 120 AES cartridges. At that level they start looking for the extreme rare Neo AES carts and collectibles, such as any BIG game or other rare Neo items.

"Big Tymer" is basically a term used to describe a person that has devoted a lot of time and effort into their hobby (any hobby).

So far, there are only 26 BIG TYMERS that are recognized with NGF (for BIG GAMES). We have a customer base many times that over, but many are still building their AES collections and need some time before they get to the BIG GAME market.

The idea NGF is maintaining is to set a standard that will be recognized in the Neo collecting circle. NGF already is the only officially recognized brand by the serious and true Neo collectors.

Just look around at some Neo collectors pages and see for yourself. Most will have AES carts from NGF.

NGF carts and the amount of prestige a person gets when picturing his NGF collection can already prove this and already proves that NGF IS THE STANDARD by which Neo collections are measured by.

NGF is the standard to Neo as PSA is to sports card collecting.

At first, we just wanted to provide some unreleased games to the Neo fans, but the amount of devotion has taken NGF further than we ever thought possible.

We are truly thankful for all the time, support, and good keeping the Neo fans have given to NGF. This type of response will further motivate us to maintain our influence and support to the NeoGeo. We will keep bringing out all the NeoGeo games to the AES market for ALL the true Neo fans to have.

Thank you.



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Yes, a Big Tymer is a person willing and ready to take his Neo collecting to the next level, and start buying big games.
But, as we said, we "generally" use the term to refer to people who bought $1000+ AES carts from NGF.

It doesn't mean he had to spend $1000 or more from NGF, the Big Tymer just has to have BIG Games from NGF (maybe through trades wit hother people or trade ins with NGF) or other big games not from NGF, like maybe a Metal Slug.

Remember, it is just a term we have adopted because so many people that we deal with have more than 100 AES carts.

There was a time when a people having 100 different AES carts could be counted on 1 hand, with 3 fingers not being used.
Now NGF knows of over 40 people with over 100 different AES carts. The next level was a person having 120, and now 130 different AES carts. Who knows, maybe we will coin a new phrase as we approach the 200 AES cart mark.

Big Tymer is just a phrase, same as "Mega Shock" was for games over 100 megs.
We really don't want people concerning themselves and wasting too much time on the term "Big Tymer."



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So far, there are only 26 BIG TYMERS that are recognized with NGF (for BIG GAMES).

And then...

Now NGF knows of over 40 people with over 100 different AES carts.

So, in the matter of about 39 minutes, you've managed to sell HOW many carts to justify the additional 14 members? Please explain this on... nevermind. If I wanted a story I'll go watch the news.

And to answer everyone's question: Yes... I do spend too much time during the day on the forum. With a job that requires me to be on the internet just about all the time, it pretty much explains a whole lot doesn't it?


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Are you guys that simple?

We said we have 26 recognized BIG Tymers, meaning they have 130+ AES carts, with the BIG games included.

We have over 40 people that we sell to that have over 100 AES carts now. 100 is not so impressive anymore.

That is very easy to figure out.... isn't it?

26 BIG TYMERS, only 40 people with over 100 AES carts. There is a big difference.

Well, now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what a big tymer is- I guess there truly are idiots among us that will shell out thousands for NGF carts. Not me pal. At least these big tymers get treated with some respect by NGF, too bad for the rest of us I suppose (not!).


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Wow, after I posted how there are 26 BIG Tymers and 40 people with over 100 AES carts, the world has stopped.

I didn't think it was too complicated.

Once again, there are currently over 40 people with 100 AES carts or more that are NGFers. Only 26 of them have the BIG carts.

More and more people daily are passing the 100 AES cart barrier. Having 100 AES carts these days isn't so impressive anymore.



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Originally posted by NGF:
There was a time when a people having 100 different AES carts could be counted on 1 hand, with 3 fingers not being used.
Now NGF knows of over 40 people with over 100 different AES carts. The next level was a person having 120, and now 130 different AES carts. Who knows, maybe we will coin a new phrase as we approach the 200 AES cart mark.

There aren't even 150 AES games avaliable, and with KOF 2k rumored to be the last ever AES cart how is anyone gonna reach the 200 cart mark? What are you expecting people to do, go out and buy 50 odd Fatal Fury carts just so they can be in some 'elite' group of people with a silly NGF name?
Acutally, since NGF makes their own carts, that is probably how the gap will be filled between having all the AES releases and having 200 AES carts. Even when NGF runs out of normal scam carts or "unreleased" ones, then there will still be such titles as "Super Big Tymer" and "Dion Does Vegas" available for purchase on ebay and on the NGF website. I am sure as long as their foolhardy customers want to have 200 carts, NGF will be there to make sure they can reach that mark, and will be laughing all the way to the bank.


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We currently have 146 different AES cartridges available.

If you add to that number the other games that have not been released (Sunshine, Mystic Wand, Dunk Star, etc) and the new games coming soon (Nightmare in the Dark, LB3, etc..) we will be past 150 different AES cartridges.

NGF will keep making all Neo games available on the AES format for all the true Neo fans.



AES Contact Cleaner, Extraordinaire!!!,

NGF having its own forums- I cant imagine that. Not only because most of what we are told end up being blatant lies anyway, but but really what purpose would they serve? I know! A way to blast NGF without using up your bandwidth Shawn! Of course, these forums serve that purpose quite nicely, although that is most certainly not their main purpose for being here
. NGF always seems to offer very "professional" rebuttals, I have to admit; you must be better at telling lies than clowns like neo jorge. Seriously though (not that I am not being serious about earlier comments), how do you guys at NGF plan on being able to offer all these new games if and when they come out? You gonna make you own copies from the MVS and sell them on ebay like KOF 2000?
Thats right, make two posts of the same crap, and keep feeding us all this shit to us about how important and rare this "official NGF cart" is. The whole thing makes me sick. At least some of the stuff you had to say about big tymers was REMOTELY interesting, very remotely. Now all you do is advertise NGF crap, youre getting about as bad as jorbot. Havent you got anything better to do, like go play with Dion and Chris or something?!? Oh, thats right, you probably are Chris or Dion, my bad, so go play with yourself!


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The amount of negativity towards NGF is hillarious. Most of the people here have not met NGF or made a deal with NGF, but since you all feel the need to be liked and welcomed, you join the "I hate NGF bandwagon" for no real reason.

Well, go right ahead.
NGF will always be there when the Neo fans need games and information. NGF has now provided over 30 unreleased games to the Neo world with more coming.

NGF is now more popular than ever, and we owe it all to the Neo fans and good faith keeping they have promoted.


Ok, if and when all those deals gone wrong are fixed, and maybe your minions treat some of us with some decency, there will be reason to support as outfit such as NGF. So what am I saying, that I want to support NGF? Well, we all have the same system in common here and it is a shame that there is such animosity among fellow fans. But, personally attacking people and also doing crooked deals does nothing but worsen that animosity. I dont jump on this so-called bandwagon just because I want someone to like me, I am there because I have had negative experiences dealing with NGF and I am thankful I was not in the middle of a transaction when those thing occurred. But unfortunately some people were in the middle of transactions and are still awaiting some sort of compensation, be it fixed merchandise or otherwise, from you guys. What NGF has done to alot of people transcends the bounds of decency to the extent that you guys become the sworn enemy of many people. So NGF is always there for the fans? Well, how about being there first for all the people you have screwed, fix those problems, and then worry about finding new suckers, excuse me, customers. If I thought I could trust NGF as far as I can throw them I would probably seek to engage in many transactions; problem is, I cant throw very far.