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This was posted on the dhp:

Well, for 3k i would shop elsewhere. :)
However, I remember Dion mentioning
several times in the past about a pacman
game that was in development for the Neo.
I had figured it was Namco & turned into the
NGPC version. Perhaps he was right on the ball & this is the game he had heard was rumored.

Or then again maybe someone that knows the rumormill in the Neo community knows this & is using it to rip off one unlucky customer. Either way I'll find it interesting.


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The seller fails to mention if he is selling a home cart or MVS cart. Since he claims this is the only one in existence, it should be a home cart according to Dion (“ALL games are made on home cart first”). I personally don’t believe this theory because it makes very little sense. The MVS market makes the most money for SNK, and not all games are released on home cart. I would be willing to accept a statement saying all games are made on MVS first, then they are released on home cart. My opinion is that Dion made this up to justify him owning official prototype home carts, now known as MVS conversions.

My conclusion is that the one and only Action Pac being offered is a MVS cartridge.
I think the statement that all carts are developed on homecart first has to do with the fact the the Dev system accepts Special homecarts only not MVS. From talking to others these carts can be reprogrammed so it does not mean there will always be a homecart around, although once it hits release there should be a proto 3 at least lying around in someones closet. Just a observation.


I think the whole game looks like a big joke (just as diggerman), if someone wants it because it's neo ok, but I will pass. On the otherhand maybe the page is not serious and only mentioned to show how stupid some people are and just believe everything said and there is no game at all.

And bye the we, who except dion wants to own some poor amiga-pd-game on neo and pay a lot of money for it.


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I smell something fishy about this. 3 grand for this? Someone is trying to rip off. Did anybody of you e-mail this guy ask for it.
Can the guy take the picture of the game running in MVS cabinet or home system?
It's too big of risk for paying $3000 for the stuff that not clear enough.
Well, only the guy who sell it will know. By the way, Nick, how do you find this ad...

$3000 for this game, well, I would rather buy a PSX 2 with lots of games.


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you guys have to realise that the guy's also selling all rights to this game. so if you bought it then youd be able to make more of these carts


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I emailed the seller to find out whether the only known Action Pac cartridge in existence is a MVS cart or indeed a home cart. The result was as expected.

email from
Hi shawn,

The Action Pac cartridge is an arcade cartridge. I don't know if it can be converted to a home cart or not but I have what apears to be the source code to the game so I assume that it can be converted to home market.

Yes I can accept Escrow etc...

Please Email if you have any other questions,



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It was posted by a member on the neogeo mail list that many of us are apart of. How he ran across it I have no idea. I just passed along the rumormill.

3K sounds expensive, especially when he states he has what "appears to be the source code." Thats leaves a lot of slack when the buyer winds up with a disk full of garbage & one mvs game. Course if the game itself is worth that to someone (which im sure theres a few that will feel that way) then it makes sense to buy it.


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Have not looked at enough yet, but this is what would be real nice if it could happen....

Someone picks of the cart..... They produce enough to get their money back, and then they release the game and the source code into the public domain.


That would be the best thing.... At least for the Neo Geo community....

My guess is NGF never knew about this game. They knew about a different incarnation of Pac Man, and it was only 1 to 2 years ago when the claim was made, this game is 4 years old....



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NGF made the post about this game over 3 years ago (closer to 4). We heard of this game back in 1997, probably a little after it was made, but nothing ever came from it.

$3000 is a very good deal when you consider it comes with the exclusive game rights.
This game looks a little different from the Neo Pac Man version we have, but maybe there were little changes or maybe these screen shots are from higher levels in the game, the version we have only shows 3 levels.

As NGF has mentioned and told people, MANY game rights have been sold to independent people/distributors.

Looks like maybe there will be another "Official NGF Exclusive" title.

We are currently selling the only "Official Digger Man" direct from NGF for only $350.
Maybe we will do the same with other titles if we can get them. This game would also be sold for $300 or $350 if NGF gets the game.


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But we like how 4 of these posts mentioned NGF in them. Seeing this, we have decided to help out and post the info that we have.

Our NGF handle is open and all members of NGF are using this handle when making posts.



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To avoid any confusion on this topic, the pac man game that NGF (Dion) discussed back in 1997 was a conceptual idea by . They bought the rights from for their "Pac Manic" game and were looking to produce the game for arcade use (Neo Geo platform preferred) under the name Panic Manic.

Action Pac, the game for sale, has nothing to do with the one Dion talked about back then.

You can download Pac Manic (DOS) from the MicroCreations site listed above.

The game is actually pretty fun and I would love for Vektor Logic to bring it to market. It looks better than the one this chap is trying to sell for 5K.

I do wish NGF the best if they are the ones trying to obtain this new "Action Pac" game. At least this one is already on the Neo! Good luck guys, I hope you get it!


Opps. Sorry for the URL typo. Should be corrected now.

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