NEOSD AES Support thread !


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Get off my ass. You probably have it but won't share you stingy ass.

Yeah, ive sent Raz a PM, Stefano and I'm on a French Forum fingers crossed.


I don’t have it. Stop being paranoid. I’m not the one posting in every sub forum for TeH RoMz. The reason why it probably doesn’t work is because you’re using on an arcade stick pro. It works perfectly fine on my AES.

Posting in multiple sub forums for a rom is something I would expect from a member who joined yesterday. If people haven’t come up with what you’ve wanted in the first couple posts, maybe you should take a hint instead of posting the same thing over and over, with no luck. You aren’t a noob around here, dude. Don’t act like a desperate one.
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Hi. I just bought my own neosd and looking for a compatible romset. I read through this whole thread especially #44, #132 and #157. But sorry, I didn't get it. Is the link still correct?
Is the "First File" to download the one with the zippyshare URLs? I ask because if I paste for example the first URL in my browser I get a while page with a 403 forbidden. I know I need a
password but is the password for the zip or do I have to login in zippyshare? And can somebody send me the pw? Thank you in advance!

I'm in the same boat! Dooes anyoone have the download link and the password? I'd be very grateful.


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I will be in chat....

I am there... or I'm not...

Get a fookin' grip...



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I don't know if I can obtain support for NeoSD here, but I give a try ;)

I recently purshased a NeoSD (non pro) flashed with firmware 1.6 and folowing informations :

MCU : 1.06 R10
Prog version : e7b8
cha version : bdc4
dec version : 0102

In several games, especially "giga power" games I have graphics glitches on text or some flickering dots on screen. I compared with the original game when I have it. For example on KOK2000

With NeoSD :


With original KOF2000 cart :


Plus, when glitches occurs with "bigs" games the return in the NeoSD menu give that :


The cartridge port of my Neo.Geo is clean and all my original games run without glitch and boot at the first time. My Neo.Geo is an AES 3.6. Games like Last Resort, Windjammer, KOF94, Puzzle Bobble works fine with NeoSD without glitches on screen. But "Giga power" games have allways graphivs corruption.

What the issue with theses games ? There is an update or patch to fix it ?

Thanks for your help guys ;)
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Can't see your attachments...

I have a 3-6 and a regular NeoSD and experience some flickering pixels but not all the time. It seems to affect all games. I spoke with NeoDev on the terraonion discord and I was sent a 1.06 firmware that he said might fix the issue but instead of it being all games it only appears in giga power games now.

I'm using a Triad 9V 2.5A power supply so it's probably not power related.

I've got another AES on the way so maybe it's my console, who knows? I'm hoping for a different revision motherboard to see if the behaviour changes. OG carts work without a hitch...


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Thanks lachlan.

I reup images. i don't know why it has been removed...

I'am sure it's not my Neogeo, all my games works fines without glitches or boot/reboot issue.

It's not power related, because I have original SNK power supply.


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Yeah wow I don't have that issue, that's horrific! Have you tried making a .cfg file named 'reset.cfg' and putting that on the root of the sd card?


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Yea, that's no bueno. I would try contacting Todd. Could just require a different firmware. Good luck.


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I just ran through a bunch of games big and small on another 3-6 console and no more flickering of any kind go figure.