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I am looking for the best option for a Neo Geo MVS cabinet. I have a couple of concerns: One, getting a cabinet that is in great/almost new shape--is it possible to get a new NeoGeo cabinet? Where is the best place to look for excellent condition NeoGeo MVS cabinets for the best price?
Two, are NeoGeo cabinets JAMMA compatible--how easy is it to play non-NeoGeo games on the cabinet.
Three, MAS systems offers custom made arcade cabinets that they say are 100% JAMMA compatible and can include a NeoGeo system along with Dreamcast, etc. Anyone have any experience with their cabinets? Is this a good option for a new cabinet? Other companies that can custom make cabinets?
What is the best cabinet, monitor combination out there for a reasonable price?
Thanks for any comments.


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The Neo Geo MVS boards are fully JAMMA compatible. So whatever you end up getting, you should be able to hook up any other JAMMA compatible system to it though.

However, for some JAMMA games/systems, you may need an adapter, espeically for games that use more than 4 buttons.

I'm not exactly sure how that works though, so hopefully someone else can give you more complete information.

Places like MAS and Great Western trading can sell you a system that enables you to play MVS (and other JAMMA games/systems) on your home TV. You may want to take that route too, instead of getting a full cabinet.


Quiz Detective

I live in Fargo, ND. Do you have any information on the MVS 25" 4-slot that you mentioned such as price, condition, etc. Thanks for you response.


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Condition is very good to excellent. The only exception being the left speaker is a little dim. Everything works perfectly and is making me spare change at the moment installed in a dorm. Comes with all the keys for the various doors, coin vault, marquee holder, etc. Also includes the headphone jacks and memory card slot! I'm looking to get around the $600-700 range but I'm not sure how much shipping will be.

If you are seriously interested, I could call around freight companies to see who'll crate/pallet it up and ship it.

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In regards to MAS systems- I'd deal with Great Western Trading before going with them.

MAS has lousy customer service. I've tried to inquire about getting a DC/PSX/Saturn/Neo multi-compatible stick, but did not get a reply from them.


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