Multiple SNK Dreamcast games for sale - Op... 60/40 is a Deuce_bag?

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Dr Shroom

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Dec 19, 2005
Wow, what a bizarre nutjob! Dr. Broom-in-my-butt-Shroom randomly posted man-o-man porn on my visitor account section AT 4 AM almost 2 months later (Nov. 28th) from this thread's main activity, and right before he posted the link to that site... Haha!

Delayed butthurt reaction buddy, lingering all this time ? You HAVE developed a crush for me! But seriously, stop projecting your autism on others, you're a bizarre racist retard and need to calm your own self down, creepo!

P. S. Was that dude-bro porn from your own personal stash BTW, or did "Big" Jeff DeuceBag give it to ya from his ??

I got it from XXXSEED.
You're 41-42 years old and still chimping out about deuce. Just let it go.

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Jan 12, 2014
Dude, you were screwed over and that's awful, but it was a long ass time ago and it is clear that your huge rants on the internet didn't bring any results. Let it go dude, deep down you know you only make yourself look like a fool posting walls of text with every mention of xseed games. You're only hurting yourself at this point.


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May 20, 2013
Whoa whoa whoa hey now. I didn't sign up to be no Deuce's friend. I just think it's hilarious that a guy who distributed translation patches, for cash, without a licensing agreement with Falcom, has the balls to accuse anyone of theft.

I did wanna finish this up with you before replying at least once to DeuceBag, been busy, offline, and rebuilt my PC, so got to it now given Shroom summoned me with his favorite XXX-[SUP]Spread/Spray/Splatter/Spill-Your[/SUP]-SEED!! dude-bro porn.

I don't accuse them of "theft" - that's your word, not mine. I accuse them of cheating me, profiting from my free/pro-bono IT work hours in script extraction, translator recruitment, translation software, etc. That is, all the step 1 work hours I spent to produce those translations with Jeff, a 2 man job primarily.

Both of us did free work hours because neither was a corporation at the time, and this discussion never took place about how legit commercialization should work... Work hours of the past become billable (and credit-worthy of course) in the present when you make it a business, at least morally, ethically, and legally.

Somewhere, deep down in his arrogant, bigot brain, he knows all this, and the basic unjust, unfairness of what happened despite his demented, delusional denials for public consumption to control public opinion.

If I knew Jeff had these criminal views that he becomes the 100% master owner of the translated results, and my work hours count as mere slave work hours, so neither do you have to pay or credit a slave (in 'too bad sucka' fashion), I never would've called him back for Ys II, Ys IV, and onward for Felghana and Ys Origin. He hid them, and after the XSEED deals, he played hide'n'seek with me for 3 years in the aftermath, pocketing 100% payment, 100% credit, no direct communication to me again... That's after 8 years of pretending to be a friend to "a republican" that he always had contempt for anyway (I say this because I always suspected political discrimination by him, and Tom-chan given his recent meltdown with Trump winning, and equating him to me)...

So, how would you want to describe that above ? It isn't "theft", whatever it is. Please tell me you're not blind as to how incompetent and horrible they handled themselves in this ? No debate, no transparency, just secrecy, they did it quickly, and I was the last to know anything...

I learned I was being cheated by XSEED not by a "friend" of 8 years, this sorry, cocky cock-flasher here, but by an ex-XSEED contractor, John Sears, emailing me on May 30, 2010 and asking me how much the both of us were being paid to export the Felghana translated result... He naturally assumed all relevant parties were contacted for a fair discussion... Nothing was further from the truth.

Would any other programmer like Gideon Zhi stand for this abuse, exploitation, etc. of his time/work hours to start the translation process just because he has to team up with someone who can actually convert Japanese to English in the step 2 phase ??

Jeff only ever used me so he could get to play those Ys games in English first... And when I was no longer a useful "tool" after he tricked me with the final Ys Origin project, sneaky as all fuck and manipulative as he is, discarding me was no big deal as Tom-chan "WyrdWad" Lipschultz gave him a 2nd option with his programmer, and later with his new XSEED company...

As for your generalization on "patches for cash" distribution, the Felghana patch was leaked after 35 days in 2007... AKA it went back to being free like all the rest of my software... I trust you're consistent in your views here and have attacked the selling of bootlegs as well.

If I sell an "unlicensed" turbo booster for a particular Toyota engine, you still need to buy the car with said engine, this is not "theft" to Toyota. You still had to buy the Felghana game from Falcom, and the English service that the patch provided gave reason for Falcom to see more sales in English-speaking countries, so Falcom objectively profited from our patches. Of course, most users pirated rather than pay $60-$100 via Falcom's email ordering system, but that's another debate.

And of course XSEED would later exploit/profit from their existence to save time and money, just that they unequivocally did it the wrong way! It's clear that a new translator like Daniel Prescott should've been used from the start, as no Falcom/Ys fan should've been cheated/abused in the process and we would NOT be in this situation...

Jeff Nussbaum is, point blank, an arrogant, bigoted, rotten, corrupt motherfucker! There are times I can't really believe this happened, but the other motherfucker, Tom-chan "WyrdWad" Lipschultz at XSEED, being the one who orchestrated these criminal deals provides the rest of the explanation...

You ARE perfectly aware that Tom-chan was feuding with me publicly and privately BEFORE he landed the job at XSEED, a feud that ceased for 2 years because he asked for a truce, which he broke before leaving for XSEED given he and DeuceBag had organized a double-cross on the Ys Origin fan project, and that he made an embarrassing-only presentation about me to his boss Ken Berry, so this notion that anger is misplaced at them, and only DeuceBag should be the "fall guy" is absurd!

This was the result of a duo of deucebags, and regardless of any personal animus you may have for me, it NEVER should've happened! They both got exactly what they wanted, me erased from Ys history in official products. I was just "supposed" to take my punishment in silence...
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