MSX games and discussion thread


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Apr 25, 2002
I played antarctic adventure on my calecovision. Good game. I wonder what the differences would be, if any, between the 2 versions.

I don't think much. The Coleco, MSX and Sg1000 are almost identical machines and easy to port between.
Homebrewers have transferred a nice chunk of the good games from these systems to the Coleco.

I had a Palcom and most of the laserdisc titles for it.
I only had three carts for it, Chac N' Pop, Golf and flight simulator shooter.
I had a Sanyo Msx2 and after about six months of doing nothing with it I flipped it.
Been getting into it again (a little) on the Raspbery Pi.

Now I have some new games to try out, thanks Tak and other contributers.

Shooter fans with too much money:
Whats this about having Salamnder and Nemesis at the same time?
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