Metal Slug X


Geese's Thug
The sound gets really staticy on Metal Slug X when it runs for a while. When I'm messing with settings in the BIOS, the game name shows up like this



While I'm checking, is this Wind Jammers a boot? Seems legit, but what do I know?



I'm going to assume my last two carts aren't boots, because King of Fighters '98, and Samurai Shodown don't seem like likely targets for bootlegging. And I bought my Samurai Shodown from someone who seemed to be a trustworthy member on these boards.


Mr. Big's Thug
Windjammers is real, don't worry.

As for Metal Slug X, I can see whay looks like oxidation or something on the contacts even on the photo so I'd open that one up and give it a good clean. That should do the job. Use an eraser to clean the contacts. That's the best way. Good luck.
Re-insert the game (probably clean it), reset the system memory, and that will fix it. Mine do that all the time.


Geese's Thug
Finally got around to picking up some electronics cleaner. Cleaned the contacts with that, and everything seems fine now.