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Got another noob question. Just got a brand new metal slug 4 kit from yaton, matching serial numbers , instructions, the whole shabang. Every thing looks good and plays great, but why does the cart not have the usual thin shiny outer shell that all my other mvs carts have. Instead it has a dull thicker outer shell that does not go in nice in loose to my mv1-c slot, instead it goes in really tight. Is this a sign of a boot or is it just a different outer shell. I had a sengoku 3 and Sam Sho V boots that had that same outer shell. Don't want to pop it open and sacrifice the original label. If anyone has an original metal slug 4 please let me know.

This is the one I ordered
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It's original ..I bought the same kit from Yaton ..

I had to open the cart and do some internal shaving as it would not fit(too fat/not closing right) in my smaller 4 slot would not slide through the top cover of the mobo..
I also opened it to create some wobble on the boards as they were just too tight sliding into any of my mobos..So tight that it feels like your going to break something,pins when trying to put the cart in..

I also cleaned the connectors too...I think the new carts come with some sort of protectant on the connectors.

I was able to open the cart without messing up the label.
The cart after that works perfectly..Does me no good if it doesn't work..


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Yep, I got the same kit as well. It fit OK in my 4 slot. He may sell some boots and fake label carts, but he always advertises things correctly. I've never seen him try to pass a boot off as original, or ORIGI as he says.