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Is Jyosui a good person to by games from because his prices are great and he can get you any game or system are his game in good condition with box maneul and all the things that are suppoesd to come with the game?


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Jyosui (Takeshi Kuroda), is an excellent and trustworthy source for neo-geo merchandise. He also speaks English just as well as any American would.


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I got a SS3 from him, and it was in better shape than described. You should deal with him. He is a very good Neo dealer.



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I have dealt with him several times and every transaction has gone flawlessly. He makes sure to pick up great conditioned merchandise and charges fair prices on his games. He also packages the games well and ships quickly after receiving payment.


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Jyosui is an extremely reliable, prompt, and trustworthy seller. I've dealt with him a few times and the transactions went flawlessly. I'd highly recommend dealing him if you're looking for rare Neo-Geo carts.


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I'm dealing with him rightnow
I hope it will end well


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Yes,Takeshi is sympatic and reliable..would deal with him without any problem


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I have been dealing with Takeshi only on home carts for the last 12 months until Shinichirou started accepting credit cards.

3 key advantages Takeshi has over Shinichirou:

1. Selection: Takeshi sells not only Neo-Geo, but also PC-Engine, Super/Famicom, and pretty much anything he can find in Japan. He lives in Akihabara, but he hunts for games from stores throughout Japan, some of the games he found for me are from Hokkaido.

2. Communication: Takeshi used to live in US, so his English skills are like ours, even better than some of us in US.

3. Unlike Shinichirou who only responds during sales inquiry, he'll email you when he receives the payment and when he ships out the games.

Price is not always an advantage since some games are higher than Supersellers but the other way sometimes, so I call that a draw.

One thing to remember now, Takeshi has a full time job now and he only does game hunting during the weekend, so if you don't receive the reply, just be patient. The best time to contact him will be Fri evening (here, Sat morning in Japan) for inquiry so you can finalize the deal over the weekend and confirm what you want by Sunday night.


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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is the URL for this seller? I am looking to start getting carts, and need good (relatively) inexpensive sources like this one seems to be. Thanks folks!


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Thanks Vince! I probably would have found it sooner or later. I havn't dug through all of those great links you posted the other day. Thanks again for your help!