Is Neo Geo CDZ a single speed or double speed?

Ok guys. What do you think. There has been alot of talk about this topic, and it still hasn't been clarified. I think it's a single speed (I thought it was a double speed, a while back). I would appreciate, if you guys can clarify this-hopefully w/ some verification.


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As myself I think cdz is double speed...

There would be big compatibility problems if memory amounts were differents.

Well, let's assume cdz has more memory (just a theory

More memory can effectively reduce loading times, but had to be filled with data, I think everyone is ok with this fact...

Now, let's assume the cdz is a cd with more memory (and still single speed cd unit)...

It has to fill the extra memory with data, right ?

So the first loading time should be longer on the cdz than on the cd...

Is it ? I don't own neo cd nor cdz, but I'm pretty sure the answer is NO.

In addition, how the cdz could guess what extra data should be loaded in the extra memory ??? Lots of cd games were designed BEFORE the cdz...

I could go on with many other contradiction to the "more memory" theory of the cdz...

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Then your disagreeing with the techs that worked on them.

CDZ is single speed cdrom with a more advanced head controller and better cache.
Thats what I was told by Mas anyways.
Ram is the same in both machines.
Internal RAM: Work RAM: 56Mbits+64kbcache, Video RAM: 512Kb Z80 RAM: 2Kb

As myself I think cdz is double speed...
Well, "double speed" sounds more appealing and is probably easier understood by alot of people that "better cashe"; it probably also makes the system more appealing to buyers from a seller standpoint. I at first thought cdz was double speed when I know nothing of either system. I went with a single speed system because of all the bad things I had heard regarding the cdz's reliability. I really dont think it matters too much either way, the neo cd is going to load slower simply due to the technology, but I think SNK did pretty damn well to reduce loading times, at least with the games I have for the system. I think it and the PSX feel about the same, although I am curious how the cdz would compare with the psx.

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Hey, why did SNK state that the CDZ was a double speed CD way back in a issue of GameFan?
It came with Sam Sho 3 and it said something about it being a new 2X speed neo CD system.

Also in another past issue of GameFan they were talking about SamRPG
They said that the loading time was horrible on a single speed and even so on the "2X speed Neo CD"

Well it dont feel like a 1 speed CD system and some games are tolerable now with the CDZ.


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Advertising/Marketing. When you try and market something to the public you gotta explain why something is better short & sweet. The avg gamer doesnt care why its faster, they just want to know which is faster. Seems to me that calling it x2 is short, sweet & to the point. Like the cpu bits. When SNK adverstised the neo, they didnt say, hey its 16bit with the same cpu as a sega genesis with paralell processing. Instad they just labled it "24bit".
Hey, why did SNK state that the CDZ was a double speed CD way back in a issue of GameFan?
Yeah, I remember that, "the only 24-bit home arcade system". Made me want to go out and buy one, and hell, I did. Interesting Gamefan did an article on the neo cd system at all, but then again they are the only mag I have seen who recently reveiwed Metal Slug 3, but it was a reveiw of the MVS (they gave is a perfect 100). yeah, you got to try to put techinical jargon into words the guy working at the yarn plant can understand, much like they try to do with PC's (dont tell me that you have never seen a PC commercial that did not have either the word "intel" or "megahertz" in it, of course there are some exceptions now).


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Straight up, the CDZ is only increased cache. The CDZ often breaks down more as well. There is no way too boost the power of a neo cd in any way. If you even successfully installed a faster cd drice it wouldn't matter. All the cd games are written in 1x speed anyways.
Yeah man, and for that very concern I just stuck with getting a us system when I got my neo cd. One thing I cant stand is unreliable hardware.