Is my Puzzle Bobble a Boot and is this Garou auction a boot

DJ Long Cat

Armored Scrum Object

First with the auction. The cart just says Mark of the Wolves so I bet its boot but just wanna check.

Now my Puzzle Bobble: Since its a Puzzle Bobble, its probably boot but I wanna find out for sure.

The two boards: Top to the right and bottom to the left.


The top only has EPROMS but the bottom has some chips and only 2 EPROMS.

Close Ups: Bottom board


Top Board


Also, there is a line of numbers that looks like a serial like I've seen on other official carts.


Thanks for the help guys.
You can't tell from the auction. The label isn't original, but the cart still could be. The color of the cart looks right for that game.

The Puzzle Bobble is a boot. It appears to be made out of an Art of Fighting cart.