How to fix horitzontal blanking in a Sony Trinitron ?


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I have a little issue Sony Trinitron KV-25FX, this have the horitzontal blanking activated and this makes that the TV doesn't display the full image, this have a horitzontal black that cut the image, I have tried to adjust de horitzontal size, horitzontal position but no seems to effect. The only value that work is the HBLK in the Design menu, this value only have 2 modes (on/off) when I disable them then the screen show the full image, but is not possible fix this value to 0 (OFF), is restored to ON when I turn off the screen. Some one can help me to fix this issue?






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Stupid question, but doesn't Sony service mode require that you write the changes? If you're just powering off after changing stuff, the changes aren't saved, there should be a button to press to save them.

I have a CRT with a FE-2 chassis myself, I could possibly check for you but the CRT is installed into a cab* so it's a bit tough getting to the IR to enable service mode...

*outstanding luck that my machine has 220v out on its transformer, and this SCART TV popped up in California right when I needed it ;)


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... but when I change other parameters these are saved without pressing any button when I turn off the TV, anyway I tried different combinations of buttons to save but does not work any

The manual indicates that this value can not be stored in memory, but I wonder if there is any alternative to modify this parameter.