Has anyone delt with Cjulian?


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This guy is selling a Mahjong B Game, he is located in Hong Kong, and would like me to pay in cash or money transfer. Anyone dealt with him? Please tell me your comments!



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I sent Julian of Hong Kong $870 cash by Global Priority mail for 5 home carts on August 18th, 2000. He claims he has not received the payment, and he told me in an email that he does not think I am a serious buyer. I was quite offended and I’m regretting ever making this deal.


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That’s a tough call. What if he is telling the truth, and her never received the money? I will let the members decide. Julian to be added to the black book or not?
Just a question, Shawn. I remembered you saying that you sent the cash on Global Priority mail. Did you insure it? Or is that only available on airmail, I wonder. When I am sending cash to overseas, I always send the the cash on airmail w/ inurance. Airmail is not as fast as Global priority, but it fairly fast as well. That's how I always do it to those who want cash. Customs and all...


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Insurance is not an option using Global Priority mail. This is the fastest method of sending cash payment overseas. I could have sent by registered airmail and insured. However, the last and only time I have sent payment using registered air mail required nearly one month of time until delivery. I sent the cash payment to Adol, in France. He was frustrated with me for not using Global Priority mail in the first place, and I was wondering what was taking so long.

I would have sent postal money orders to Julian, instead of cash, but the post office doesn’t offer international postal money orders for Hong Kong. That was the lady’s answer at least, after fiddling with her computer for a while. Either way, it doesn’t look like I will be getting my $870 or my games from Julian. Black book, or no black book?


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It is a very tough call.
You never know who's telling the truth.

Sending $870 cash by mail is too risky.
Wow, I am sorry to hear this.
There are several possibilities:
1. He received the money but he lied.
2. Someone or anybody who work for the post office (either in US or Hong Kong), took the letter and steal the money
3. Anybody (friend or neighbor) who can access to Julian mail box or letter took it.
4. Maybe Hong Kong Government Custom official who take. The country is under China now. So, you get the picture...

Anyway, is there a way that you could claim that $870 back? Maybe a small chances
Do you still have the receipt for the mail?
Well, maybe the receipt will not help at all since no insurance.

Well, just think:
Whoever who cheated in this case, will get the payback someday in someway for being a thief. God is fair.
You will by the way, will someday gets something good in return.

I hope you still can get back the money. But to think, it's pretty coincidence. I send cash to many countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore) and never lost it. I send it just regular mail (no register or priority). But, I send maximum of $68 only.

for $870 you sent, somehow it is very coincidence that the mail is LOST and it is GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL.
Well, who knows... something fishy.
It is really small chance that your mail is lost, right?

Now, Let's discuss what we should do in future.
Due to your story, I am also have a problem on how sending the cash to Hong Kong (I sometimes take risk dealing with Hong Kong seller and They ask only CASH).
Our options are:
1. Express Mail (2-3 days): cost about $15
2. Global Priority mail (3-5 days): $5
3. Registered mail (4-7 days): maybe about $7

Now, Which ones are the safest and most economical (in term of speed and cost)?
What do you think, Shawn?


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Express Mail (2-3 days): cost about $15
Fastest, comes with $500 insurance, and active tracking #. Expensive

Global Priority mail (3-5 days): $5
Very fast, tracking # which is useless once it leaves the country. Inexpensive

Registered mail (4-7 days): $7
Slowest, under lock and key all the way to its destination. Must be signed for. The safest.
Depending on how much cash is sent should determine which method to use. Its ultimately up to the buyer to decide which risk/speed combination he wishes to take.


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Whenever I send money to Hong Kong, I have always used an International Money Order that is meant for Japan. Have not had a problem doing that yet! Just $3 I believe from the USPS. And then I use Globabl Priority!



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I sent a payment to Taiwan, regular money order, but I sent it using registered mail. The seller, whliang on eBay, was very patient and calm during the whole process, but it took a month for my letter to reach him. He did send the game (Saturn Kingdom Grandprix), and everything worked out. Registered mail may be slow, but it is RELIABLE, and that's ALL that matters in any case. Even one month is not long to wait, if you KNOW that you'll receive the product, right? No one should be THAT anxious to get something, or they are asking to be ripped off.

As for sending cash, there is a simple rule I use: I will NEVER, EVER send cash to ANYONE for ANYTHING. It is UNTRACEABLE, and if the letter is not registered, can easily be ripped off. If the seller insists on a cash payment, then I simply will not deal with him/her, period. Cash in the mail is just a bad risk, not worth it.

As for the situation that you are dealing with, Shawn, add this asshole to your black book and make sure EVERYONE on THIS BOARD and on all the others (DL, DHP, etc.) know about the situation. This seller is most likely a ripoff artist, not worth dealing with, and best avoided at ALL costs.

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Hmmmm, looks like you need Canada Post in America

Really though, for me it costs $9 (about US $6) to register a letter, and that's including the extra bit so it's traceable anywhere in the world. Plus it requires a signature upon delivery. What's more is that it is relatively quick. Recently I sent two reg'd letters:
One to Hong Kong, arrived in about 10 days.
One to Japan, arrived in 4 or 5 days.

On the other hand, if I don't feel like paying for that I have had no problems sending un-registered cash doing one of the following:

1)Wrap it thick, non-see-through paper.
2)Generally if I'm sending to someone who's more of a friend, tape the bank notes to the inside of a blank card. It's far less suspicious. Some sellers really like the idea of a card however, esp. given the contents! Just put in a note of the sort:

"Sent in a card for added security, ...." blah blah tell them how happy you are to deal with them and all the rest of it.

Thus the only thing I ever have reason to complain about is the contents of the parcel, once I see it for myself.

If your town of residence borders Canada, it might be worth the drive.

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I'm pretty new here, and as a result not many people know me. (Nick_th_fury, and zero.x, I know you from IGN's NEOGEO board.) But, I eBay ALOT. I know hindsight is 20/20 and all, but think about it this way. The extra $40 dollars for insured secure mail is worth every penny in a situation like this. I just sold my copy of Faselei! for almost 200 dollars on eBay, and while I got the money by PayPal, I shipped it FedEx Global Priority Overnight (at my expense...
(damn, I'm nice). It is insured up to a certain amount, will have to be signed for, and is trackable, even overseas. You wouldn't ship $870.00 of merchandise in a manner that had no tracking would you? I try to treat the money I send like the items I ship, because in a way, it IS the item. It is the only guarantee you will get the merchandise. Besides, when you can spend $870.00 on some games, $40.00 can't be that much more. I'm sorry if I came off rude, or stubborn, or pigheaded. I just hate seeing this kind of thing happen on eBay, especially when the same thing happens to me as did Julian. I've been accused of keeping money and not shipping too many times. That is why I no longer take cash. I'm not saying that is what happened in this instance, but it can and does happen.


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Well the fact that he want an unsecured payment, outside of the ebay forum, makes me uneasy in sending $150 for Mahjong B< its the last of the 3 Mahjongs I need but I cant afford to be stupid with my money at this point
If anyone else has a Mahjong B to sell le me know, Im very interested! (16-bit??? Come down on the price a little??)


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Well he swears that the money never came, and that he told Shawn to send Western Union, as it can not get lost. He could be telling the truth... I wonder if Shawns money ever made it out of that post office... maybe the postal worker told him no M/o's so they could steal the cash. Anyway, I dont trust him one way or another, I told he if he lists it on ebay, I will bid and win it to keep the protection from ebay. I told him I would use bidpay and he agreed. So we will see... Id rather buy it from Carlson Stevens if he still has MahJong B (he has it listed on his site for $250) The price is a bit high, and he must be busy this weekend cause I can seem to reach him... (Hint, hint, Carlson.. email me!)
Julian tryed to sell me a copy of Dracula X PC-engine game,original and unopened.


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Thanks to this topic i managed to not get ripped off!
No, Shawn is right. Hong Kong doesn't accept Postal International moneyorder. It says that plainly on the computer. There is a way around to this, however. You can make the postal moneyorder out to one of the Asian countries that accept International Postal moneyorder, like Japan, then make it out to whomever in Hong Kong, then you can send it. That's what I did in one of my transaction w/ a person in Hongkong. It sounds weird, but it works. You just have to tell the Postal Worker that...

My personal experince w/ airmail... Now I remember. I ususally send it on global priority, when I am sending postal moneyorderds. When sending with cash, I use registered airmail. From my personal experience, it usualy took about 1 week to 2 week to arrive to the destined location.

I remember in one of my earlier ebay transaction on ebay with Adol, I sent postal moneyorder on Global priorty. I think I got my item on airmail in about 5 weeks. Overall it was a good transaction. Just saying that I don't think it usually takes 3-4 weeks for airmail to arrive from France to US.


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On that note, I am trying to do a BidPay transaction with Adol, if he can cash the Western union money orders without incurring a fee, this will open up his sales posibilties to the USA as he will get paid faster, and have more people willing to deal outside the USA with him.


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Originally posted by Dreamh2o:
On that note, I am trying to do a BidPay transaction with Adol, if he can cash the Western union money orders without incurring a fee, this will open up his sales posibilties to the USA as he will get paid faster, and have more people willing to deal outside the USA with him.

Sure,but i'm sure 2000% there is no fee for western union payments!no fee,nothing!
but in my country,it cost like $40 to pay by WU,andi thought it was pretty expensive for us ppl too!if you want to pay by WU,no problem!but WU fee you'll have to pay for sending money to me can be huge

for the other person,yes,it can take about 4-5 weeks by PRIORITY AIRMAIL a package to arrive to usa sometimes!because it is INSURED,i dunno why,it is slower,but safer..generally,though,it takes like 2 weeks..but when i send BIG cash in us$ by letter,i insure it,and i know it will be longer

you too,it can takes 14 days a us letter to arrive to me if it is insured...weird


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Iv never seen two international shipments take the same amount of time ever. I think its USA customs.