FYI: Tube swap for Neo Candy 29/Jaleco Pony IV


Giga Shock!!
For those looking for a new tube for a Neo Candy 29 or Jaleco Pony IV, there exists 2 Hitachi 27" TVs that have an identical tube (A68KSA30X). The model numbers are:


The catch is that the yoke has the 4 pin connector instead of the 2x2 pin that the candies have. The H and V readings on the TV yoke are 1.4 Ohms and 8 Ohms. Not sure what the candy yoke numbers are, but might be out of range. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that a North American TV has a candy tube. Here's the chassis model numbers for the candies in case anyone needs them:

Neo Candy 29 - Hitachi GMK-29FS2
Jaleco Pony IV - Hitachi GMK-29FJ2


drunk downunder!, aka. Muff Diver.,
Excellent find there! Definitely keeping this thread in mind need I a replacement.

Nanao MS-293x family of tubes also fit (with their own mounting frame) provided you use some spacers under the bolts to raise the frame/tube towards the bezel.