Full sized NGPC screens in the works... BennVenn


Zero's Secretary
Anyone eyeing up the AliExpress full sized NGPC screens - beware.


Reports of them cutting off the bottom row of pixels...


Mr. Big's Thug
Thank god! I was holding off modding my pocket simply because of the size of the aftermarket screens. This'll be a godsend


I have earned the, right to PM Rot.,
I see on their AliExpress listing that the cut off line problem has been fixed. I might have to grab one of these kits sometime soon.

Xian Xi

Do you need to attach those two wires to anything at all? If you don't plan on doing the full OSD mod, can you just remove those two other wires?


Marked Wolf
Does anybody have an Aliexpress link for this? I can't seem to find the newest full sized ones, only the old ones which where smaller.


I have earned the, right to PM Rot.,
No problem! I think they both ship from China but it’s good to have options. Mine shipped a few days ago so hopefully it’ll be here in a couple weeks.