FS: Neo Geo Scitron Anniversary Laserdisc Box Set


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Nov 7, 2001
Finally decided to let this go as I really don't need 2 box sets and I have all the content on other discs.

For those who don't know, this is the Scitron 5th Anniversary Neo Geo LD Box Set. I'm not sure what the 5th Anniversary represents, I think it may be for the first 5 years that Scitron were doing superplay content, because it definitley is not related to SNK or Neo Geo.

Anyhoo... there are two versions of this boxset, one with LDs and one with VHS. They're distingusihed by their OBI strips - blue for LD, red for VHS.

The LD sets contain two LDs, three OST CDs, a booklet and a baseball cap.

Nowadays, many of these sets, when, or indeed if, they come up for sale, are missing the OBI and / or the baseball cap. This set is complete. The OBI is actually quite important, because it is the only place where Scitron stamped the box set number (they were limited in print). So if the OBI is missing you won't know what number set you own.

The LD's contain superplays for Fatal Fury 2, Art of Fighting, World Heroes and World Heroes 2. The OSTs feature Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2 and Art of Fighting. The Fatal Fury 2 cd in this set is still factory sealed. The really neat things about these OSTs is the discs are gold instead of silver! Sadly, the LDs are not.

The box set is in excellent condition overall, and as stated above, is complete.

$475 US shipped in US / Canada






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