FFS coming to XBLA!!


Iori's Flame
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Feb 7, 2002
Nash said:
Let's hope you're also not in the camp of people who complain about Dead Rising's text being too small.


Yeah, and fuck those people that can't afford an HD set!!

And double fuck those primitives that still use dialup. HELLO...1996 is on the phone and they want their AOL accounts back.

Why should MS be bothered to support the peasants?

/me is off to the living room to play some Dead Rising on his 50 inch HD set connected to his 5 meg cable connection.


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Oct 30, 2001
Wes said:
Everybody bitching about it being FFS and not some other Neo game can go fuck themselves. FFS is a complete badass of a Neo game, and personally I think it's the best Neo title they could've started with.

I seriously wonder about some of you retards.

i agree, take what you can get. i'll certainly be buying points and getting it on day one.

btw. i love your avatar. :buttrock:
"...Two men enter, one man leaves...Rated R, staring Mel Gibson and Master Blaster."


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Jan 17, 2002
Just plugged in my homecart system and played a little FFS. This game is just too good, the garphics, gameplay and sound are all amazing, esp. considering it's from 1993 (13 years ago???? how did that happen.... )

FFS has a suprisingly fun combo system... lots of weak, weak into super moves for massive damage.

I bet the first thing FFS players who are new are gonna complain about the difficulty to pull off the super desperations... I remember spending forever on the snes version trying to get Terry's power gay-zor to come out...

I'm getting my Terry trained up for when this comes out. I bet there are gonna be some KILLER jubei japanese players and some crazy poking joes. It's going to rock, hopefully it opens the floodgates for some online sam sho, Real Bout, Garou, KOfs, Metal Slug. It has the potential to be great.