earplugs - festivals/parties/etc


  • I wear them at every concert.

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  • I never do, but I should.

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  • I only wear them when it's really too loud.

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  • I really don't care, earplugs are for sissies.

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  • Worst. Thread. Ever.

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Oct 30, 2003
SamuraiShodownSensei said:
That's true, I've failed my last group of hearing tests. It's bad when you're not sure they are sounding a tone because you hear the ringing in your ears as well.

I think in my case it was a combination of listening to music too loud over the years, and being exposed to heavy machinery for some number of years at work.

You might not get ringing in the traditional sense. I have a normal constant ringing in the right ear, but the sound of faint crickets chirping in the left. I don't really notice it during the day due to ambient noise in the enviroment.

There is no set cure. There supposedly is some treatments that will calm the nerves and may dull the sound. Alot of people who have it bad try listening to white noise while they fall asleep. They claim you can "retune" your ear and eliminate the effects.

Don't mention the music.... You can use it to get extra cash out of Uncle Sam in the future if you blame it all on your job.


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Dec 4, 1977
Your ears ringing are bits of your hearing dying and not coming back.

After a club experience in college where I was affected for 2 days, I've been better about wearing foam earplugs. Usually 50-70% of the time... though sometimes I forget to bring them since I'm not a big concert goer and those tend to be spur of the moment things.

None of my family do that anymore, but I don't care that it makes me a little different.

Here's what concerns me about people in general: according to ENTs, if other people can hear your music from your headphones, you're causing damage. That's about 60% of people, and something like 80% at the gym.

If you're looking to be a doctor, this might be a great field to go into :p