Early gen plasma for Scart and VGA?


NEST Puppet
Hi, I'm able to pick up some early generation plasma screens for next to nothing. Some have Scart and VGA connections which would be perfect for my Neo, Atomiswave and Dreamcast setup.

At the moment I'm using Scart through a CRT but the Atomiswave would enjoy being put through the VGA, as too would the Dreamcast.

Has anyone had any experience with early generation plasma screens with their Neo/16 bit hardware? Given they're SD and designed to support lower res stuff than what came after I'm sort of hoping this could be a cheap upgrade. A bigger screen would also be nice.

Your thoughts/experiences are much appreciated. Cheers.

ChuChu Flamingo

We have purposely, trained him wrong, ...as a joke
Not sure if it applies to older SD plasmas, but a lot of current HDTV's misinterpret 240p over component and either give a black screen or a seizure inducing screen. So make sure you test a game that is 240p over component and not just 480i.