Doesn't deserve a thread but: Will this TV work with Light Gun games?


Zero's Secretary
Hey guys, recently picked up a Sony Trinitron KV27XBR36 27" (Pictured). Been dying to play Time Crisis outside my local arcade (as well as some House of the Dead) but wanted to make sure first: does this model support light guns?

I ask because, in some quick google searches, there seem to be varying reports of XBR's having trouble with lightgun compatibility apparently. It's from 1993 so, based on tech alone, I'd immediately hazard it has to work but I read something about XBR's having Hi-Scan or something that impedes light gun sensors?

Also. Any general impressions on the quality of picture on XBRs? I have a later trinitron (with severe geometry issues) back home in the central valley that im unable to lug up to the SF bay area so I'm stoked to have a new CRT :)


Giga Shock!!
Yea now that this thread is here, you might as well go ahead and show us some time crisis goodness.


Zero's Secretary
I'll take some when I get the chance but I actually ended up trading this one in for a WEGA with Component out. Will be posting that in the CRT fetish dungeon soon.


Twinkle Star Sprite
House of the Dead, Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, and that Vampire Night shooter were awesome! Hope you're digging your new setup!