DIY MV-IC Memory Card Reader harness


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My 6 slot cab didn't come with the MV-IC harness (although the MV-IC board is present) so I looked for official replacement parts and was disappointed to see they aren't that easy to find.
So here is my DIY solution. It might not be the best one but it has (at least) 2 advantages :
- it's cheap
- it's easy to do

1) Parts needed (for 2 cables):
- 60 pin FC female connectors x 4
- 60 way flat ribbon cable 1.27mm pitch x 2.4m (each official cable is 1.2m, you can adapt the length to your need. I've used a 40 way cable because it was 3 times less expensive than the 60 way)

2) Tools needed:
- cutting knife
- pliers
- permanent marker

3) Cut the flat ribbon cable to the needed length

4) Clip the connector at one end of the cable with the pliers. There are 2 coding tabs on the male connectors both on the MVS board and the MV-IC board, the corresponding slots on the female connectors must be inside (see pic below):

5) Clip the second connector at the other end of the cable but on the other side. Remember the coding slots must be inside:

6) Cut the parts of the cable sticking out the connectors (bad picture sorry):

7) With a permanent marker put marks on each cable. In fact only A and B indications at each end are necessary as the connectors have coding tabs/slots, even MVS side/MV-IC side indications are not necessary as long as you connect A with A (CN6) and B with B (CN7).

8) Plug the cables and test them:
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