Dion is still alive,at least by emails,with his kof 2k for $1500!!


The French Connection, ,
Well,he proposed me to be one of the "elite"guys who will have the honor to buy him Kof 2000 US NGF Crappy stuff for..$1500!

here is our emails,beginning when i answered i prefer to buy the original one:

In a message dated 10/10/00 1:54:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
adol@club-internet.fr writes:

> no thanks..i prefer to buy the official one for $300

This is THE OFFICIAL NGF English version.
There is no other Official English version.

Look at how much we are getting.
We have sold over 20 units, and hopefully
now we will find a NEW "NGF customer."

Reserve is set at $1500.00

Then,i answered:

OFFICIAL and NGF in the same sentence means nothing..NGF=HOME MADE..you
know that

> Look at how much we are getting.
> We have sold over 20 units, and hopefully
> now we will find a NEW "NGF customer."

i don't think you just sold even 1 Kof 2000 for $1500
tell me names,emails of these 20 guys

then,he replied:

We never talk about who we sell to unless the people come forward themselves.
I supposed we never sold any PI2, Ganryu, or Strikers carts for $1400.
I suppose we never sold any Super Dodgeball carts for $850.
I suppose we never sold Pleasure Goal for $1000.
I supposed we never sold The Irritating Maze carts for $2200 and $1600.

We sell to many people.
Just because you can't sell BIG TYME items doesn't mean NGF can't.
We are the ONLY place the REAL collectors go.

PI2, Ganryu, or Strikers carts we sold one each to Shawn - $1200 each.
He got the discount because he ordered ALL 3 carts at once. Actually he
ordered 7 games at once in that deal.

We do it.
Don't be mad because you can't.

what do you think?


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Originally posted by Adol:
PI2, Ganryu, or Strikers carts we sold one each to Shawn - $1200 each. He got the discount because he ordered ALL 3 carts at once. Actually he ordered 7 games at once in that deal.

The deal was for 8, not 7. He is correct about the fact that I was sent seven of the eight. Later that week I received the 8th cart. Or perhaps he’s referring to 7 of the 8 carts that were functional, minus the Strikers 45.


The French Connection, ,
here is just his email answer:

> i do,and better than you
> remember i got diggerman before you
> remember i got Kizuna encounter US before you
> remember i got Double Dragon US before you
> remember i got Ultimate 11 US before you
> and so on...
> --
> Bye,
> adol@club-internet.fr

You're just a jealous fool.
You all follow in our footsteps,

Shawn is very happy,
He has 32 NGF carts, only Strikers had a little problem.
We will fix it when he sends it back, then shawn wants more NGF items.

NGF is the NeoGeo Future.

Too bad you are too poor to buy games from us.

Shawn,are you "happy" to be screwed?


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I think that only a fool to the extreme would buy a fake, cheapass, home-made, poorly converted, sloppily soldered, "NGF" "official" "home cart". Look at the auction for their clown-version of KOF 2000 on eBay:

What a joke! Look at how they've written up the auction, its completely obnoxious and condescending to everyone . . . who here wants to be a stupid-sounding "big tymer"? What an idiotic phrase!

What's up with all the stupid "FACT" phrases, when in actuality all the "FACTs" are BULLSHIT?

Here you go:

"FACT: Nobody else delivers like NGF"

REALITY: Nobody rips people off for Neo products like NGF.

"FACT: No other source has the selection of Neo items NGF does"

REALITY: No other source promises products, then either fails to deliver them at all (see Keith's Ultimatum to NGF), delivers substandard, crappy quality carts (damaged inserts, cracked inner shells, torn outer cases, damaged manuals, etc.), or performs sloppy, unreliable conversions on Neo Geo carts (see the Strikers 1945 Plus cart PCB pics, the one they sold to Shawn that was DOA when he got it).

"FACT: NOBODY else can deliver this cart to you now. NOBODY"

REALITY: The REAL KOF 2000 cart will be released on December 21, 2000 for $320 or less by National Console Support (www.ncsx.com). We can all wait for it, rather than buying a shitty "NGF" conversion.

"FACT: NOBODY possesses the skill to duplicate this cart.. PERIOD"

REALITY: Chris, your conversion skills are pathetic, since your Strikers 1945 Plus conversion that you sent to Shawn was a worthless piece of shit that didn't even work! Plenty of people possess MUCH GREATER skill at converting than you, apparently.

"FACT: You will be playing KOF2000 at HOME months before the *possible* home release, as all NGF BIGTYMERS have"

REALITY: I and 99.9% of the Neo gamers out there can certainly wait, we don't need to pay a fortune for your crap conversions, and the last thing I'd EVER want to be called is a dumbass "NGF BIGTYMER"!!

"FACT: NGF collectors are universally admired as the cream of the crop of the neo collecting world"

REALITY: NGF carts sell for LESS than regular, official SNK products, over and over on eBay. They're not "admired" except by you guys and a few other gullible individuals. I would never taint my collection with a fake "NGF" cart, it would be a SIN!

"FACT: NGF carts are displayed with pride at all the fan sites, and have proven to increase in value over time."

REALITY: Displayed by you and Dion, and maybe a VERY FEW others. As for increasing in value, see my previous comment, they don't.

"FACT: Own NGF KOF2000 AES cart and never feel inadequate in your neo collecting again!"

REALITY: Own the "NGF KOF2000 AES cart" and curse yourself forever for wasting your money on a cheapass, fake product that probably won't work for even one year (due to sloppy conversion techniques).

"FACT: NGF has ALL the rarest AES carts in stock. Finding common US (and especially japanese) AES carts is easy, but when you are playing with the BIGTYMERS, you need the best.... "

REALITY: There's that dumbass "BIGTYMER" word again, how embarassing. Yeah, you can make all the fake carts you want, but to a true collector and gamer, they're WORTHLESS.

"When your ready to join the ranks of the BIGTYMERS, NeoGeoFreak will be there.... We always have, and always will, thanks to our fans."

TRANSLATION: When you're ready to throw your money away on bullshit, crappy conversions, NGF will be there to rip you off, we always have, and always will, thanks to all the suckers in the world.

Etc. etc. blah blah blah.

And most insulting and idiotic of all, where Chris says: "If bidding exceeds $2000 I'll consider letting the newly crowned BIGTYMER make me an offer on the mat. A chance to OWN the NGW mat!"

Wow Chris, you must think the bidders for this lame, half-assed KOF conversion are COMPLETE IDIOTS!!! WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMBASS NGW MAT?!?!?! What a RETARD you are, thinking that someone would BUY your stupid mat, "if bidding exceeds $2000"!!!

Does anyone else see how absolutely ridiculous this is?

All I can say is, spread the word about "NGF's" shoddy business practices, poor products, crappy quality control, and outright thefts, and maybe we can prevent future suckers from wasting their money on these cheesy products!


Kabuki Klasher
NGF is so fuckin pathetic!!!

I also love how they have it as a private auction. There are 2 reasons why they do it. 1. So they can jack up the price will all these bogus accounts.
2. So people like us who know the real truth about the No Good Fucks at NGF don't email the bidders and tell the what kind of piece of shit cart they are buying.

If they ever made a public auction everyone would retract their bid because they would be notified of NGF's bullshit business practices.

Also that manual they made is probably so damn cheasy it falls apart when you open it.

I really feel sorry for the idiots who buy that cart. They will regret for their rest of their life spending so much money on a worthless piece of shit.


The French Connection, ,
> i sell you my metal slug 1, for $100000
> you can't buy it? oh yeah,you're surely too poor for buying the ELITE
> stuff
> you're a lamer,then
> --
> Bye,
> adol@club-internet.fr

It just goes to show how stupid you Frenchies must be.
First off, if "Dion" wanted to buy a Metal Slug, "Dion" would maybe
pay "market value" - not your stupid as price.

And secondly, being NGF, we get contacted daily from people selling
us their games. I only pay $400 for a Metal Slug, and I sell it for $800.

But since you're so stupid, you will never understand the concept of

Go ahead and copy this for all the "NGF" lovers to read.
We love how all you losers keep talking about us and posting our pictures, yet
we don't even bother with you people.

Do we talk or care about you losers? No.
But you losers keep talking about us.

It sounds like NGF has won.

Heres a new saying:

"Hey ladies, hey fellas...you know you're doing well cause THEY jealous."

what can i say?ahahah


Kabuki Klasher
If Dion is so into market value how come he charges so much for his crappy games. Also if he has so many customers how come he has so much in stock? Hm.......interesting.

He has so many rare carts. You would think with all of his "NGF big tymers" buying his shit he would have nothing left for sale but he always has every single game for sale.


The French Connection, ,
Originally posted by DIY:
Frenchies, thats just bad taste!

yeah,you can notice his racist comments
for your pleasure,his last email:

> kof 2000 "homemadE/bootleg crap copy" hasn't any "market
> value"too,because there is no market for it

Really? So far it is at $1000 - in less than 24 hours.
It seems MANY people want this game, we have
gotten many more emails from "NEW" Neo fans
that are now discovering us at NGF.

We are already making deals for people to buy Shock Troopers,Super Dodgeball, and other unreleased games.
We love it.
eBay is basically ADVERTISING.
We sell some games, but make new customers
that turn around and buy all the unreleased games.That's how we met all these new people.

WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't you come to Japan.....Adol? Afraid to meet?

what do you think of this asshole?


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Hehe, frenchies Rul3Z

T'as bien raison Adol, on va pas acheter des fausses version us à prix d'or

Rien ne vaut la version jap !!!

Alors, qu'en dites-vous les autres petits gars du forum ???
Are there really that many suckers out there? I mean, that "auction" NGF has for KOF 2000 already has 18 bids- are people just not fortunate enough to find a site like this where they can find out the BAD as well as the good, or are they just too gullable and listen to all the BS? I am amazed at how unprofessional these emails are that Dion sent you Adol; its like if you have a shred of common sense then you are some sort of bad guy. When he emailed me, he talked this crap about not being "man enough" to post all the information about the price gouge NGF is doing on KOF 2000, the part about them having it before someone else- what is all that about? I have never in my life seen someone so immature, geesh.


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I like the version used by Scott Wozniak (he used to post on DHP a lot, and the DL board . . . guess he dropped out of the scene

NGF = No Good Fucks


Just curious, but why don't you guys ever report his auctions? They can be taken down for copyright infringement.


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
Instead of name calling, let's find solutions. For Adol, if Dion is irritating you, can you block his emails? This will save you a lot of hassles. One thing that doesn't make sense is, why would he convert the game now rather than waiting til Dec with original Jp carts and simply creat new inserts and sticker for it?

I won't say this in English, but "Je aussi deteste NGF. Jamais je n'acheter les jeus/cartouches avec le mot NGF a moin que je sois drogue"


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I already told you guys... there are not 18 people bidding on that KOF2000, its two or three. How do I know??? Iv bid on it more than 10 times myself... Im having funn running it up because I know what the reserve is and I can not be stuck with having to pay for it.


The French Connection, ,
Originally posted by HPMAN:
Hehe, frenchies Rul3Z

T'as bien raison Adol, on va pas acheter des fausses version us à prix d'or

Rien ne vaut la version jap !!!

Alors, qu'en dites-vous les autres petits gars du forum ???

ahah,tu parles francais,ca fait plaisir!

mais tu es francais,ou tu es francophone ( suisse,belgique,quebec,afrique..)?