Dion don't want the items he bid for on ebay



I just spoke with the owner of a local gameshop and he had an auction on eBay a few months ago for a brand new Super Dodge Ball mvs. There was one highest bidder a certain Dion. And I said to him, bet he won't pay. after two weeks miser dion sent him a mail, in which he said he want to buy more games oh and bye the way he said he didn't sent the money. Than mister Dion was in Japan so he couldn't pay and was asking for still more games. But till today he didn't pay any game and so didn't get any game. Don't sell to Dion as well.

(or is it too expensive)

Dion your a *@#%%**)_&| |(^$@_$


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Hey, if that shop still has the Super Dodgeball, could you possibly have him contact me? I would love to purchase it.

Ok, Im completly innocent here. I did not post 5 MESSAGES ina row. Damn, I even could not end my original message until my computer suddenly posted it away and not once,5 times!??

Em, wats going on?

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Does anyone have any idea as to what causes these double posts? It looks like Robi’s situation is quite extreme, but double posts appear to be rampant these days. I have yet to personally experience this dilemma. My goal is to get to the bottom of this glitch, if there is one, and correct it.

One situation that comes to mind is that the user makes a post then uses the back button on their browser which returns to the “making your post screen.” The user provided sufficient time for the additional post to be created, which results in another identical post. However, I tested this theory thoroughly and failed to create a double post.

Another possible cause is that the poster double clicks the “submit reply” button. If this is the case, then to create the mass of redundant posts above would require a serious clicking frenzy of epileptic proportions. This theory isn’t even worth testing because we all know that every hyper link and Internet function only involves one mouse click.


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Shawn, the double posts are part of the forum not loading corectly, when you hit submit, it doesnt goto the next page, or you get a black page, so you hit back or stop and resubmit... every other time, you get a double post.


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Well, as for the improper loading of pages in the forums, I have to agree. I'm not sure why, but Netscape frequently goes to an empty message page when you click on a category. You need to click back, then forward again to reload the page properly. Actually Shawn, I think this is massively bloating the data volume that the forums are taking from your site. If this Netscape bug were fixed, I'm SURE your data volume would go down considerably. The reloads are a waste, unfortunately, and many people don't like IE (such as myself).
Well, what happened to me was really wierd. I was just typeing and when hitting n and the dot putton, my message was sent away.
And sent away 5 times!
And I had not used my
"back" putton either.

Could n+. putton be a secret hackers code?