Could someone please tell me what happened with NeoAlec


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I have heard rumors and stories about Neo Alec but what is the story behind this guy. I had heard that Neo Alec was partners with Buyrite and that they were ripping people off. What is the whole story on this??? Thanks in advance

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On his website, doesn't it say that he was going to do something more charatable?

On a side note, I don't know if it was him or not (making a big if-but he used same e-mail address as that website, I think. I believe he was living on New York and in DC). I got a "mint" copy of Cross Swords 2 for Neo Geo cd on ebay around last Dec? The game was definitely not mint. Good is more like it. Said he will trade feedbacks, but didn't return my feedback too. It was fine with me. But what irked me was that then he had the nerve to put glowing response on the positive feedback that I left on him-like, oh what a great transaction, I really appreciate...whatever. What ego. Infact, he did it w/ all of his positive feedbacks. Weird. Fast shipper though.


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Well I had thought he had left the Neo scene because he was doing something illegal, I know some people here know because I remember having this conversation in the chat room before.


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Alec lived in the same state as I do, last time I heard he transfered to University of Minnesota (in Minneapolis), his twin brother Jake is in the same school.

When he had the web site, 3 things really turned me off were:

1. Hypocrisy: Officially he spoke against piracy and emulation, on the other hand, he was using the emu roms.

2. Contamination of sites: While everyone had problems with Buyrites, he could come out flaming everyone who spoke against it and saying everything there is fine. So you know he was paid off by Buyrite.

3. Biased censorship: this is what really ticked me off, he would delete the posts and ban members who spoke against Dion and revealed his scams. While Dion was allowed to do and say anything.

So many people were really mad and were verbally attacking him. Believe me, I do not approve of such behaviors but clearly Alec is not the type of person to run a fair BBS. Later on Alec couldn't take it any more and shut down the BBS.

Now he has J-pop going, it works like a radio show and he was a commentator, acting like a narcissist fool.


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NeoAlecs leaving the neo scene is a long story thats probably better left buried. It was one very long ugly flame war that led up to it. As someone that was a part of it I will say I never heard of him doing anything illegal. I wonder how these rumors get started?


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Let sleeping dragons lie. In my opinion, this is a subject that is, for the most part, best left undiscussed...

The only comment that I'd like to make regarding the subject matter is that I'm fairly certain what Gambit posted about Neo-Alec's relationship with "Buy-Rite" is nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor. Alec did rather closed-mindedly attack anyone who posted negative commentary about Buy-Rite on his message board, but he was way too "small time" to have been an important business associate with Buy-Rite's owners. I think Alec merely liked disagreeing with anyone and everyone, hence why he enjoyed ragging on people who bitched about "Buy-Rite" via his forum.

Here's my personal opinion regarding Buy-Rite; an opinion many other Neo-Geo gamers share:

"If you're buying from Buy-Rite, you're not buying right!"

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This is funny how know one wants to discuss this, is it that controversal ???
Why do you guys not want to discuss in detail??

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I had a few problems with how Alec ran his BBS and his attitude in general. Admittedly, I started feeling sorry for him there at the last, since he started talking shit about having to see a guidance counselor and all, but that was about as far as I ever sympathized with him.

My observations about Neo Alec are:

1. He loved playing Devil's Advocate. Just one example was when he said Gunstar Heroes wasn't a good game when the subject came up. Gunstar Heroes not a good game?! Talk about living in a closet...

2. Very anal retentive. If you disagreed with his opinion, you were considered a trouble maker, and usually banned. Sometimes that's all it took, and that was sad. There towards the end, I caught myself wrting long assed essay like posts disagreeing with his thoughts, sort of subconciously trying his patience. I never got banned though. Can't figure out why.

3. Childish Hero Worship. To him, anything remotely American was total shit. To hear him talk, Japan is this ideal magical utopian Heaven on Earth, while this country is a cess pool. Don't get me wrong, I respect the Japanese, but for crying out loud, tunnel visioned admiration and idolatry is going over board, but it was common place out of him.

In conclusion, I agree that Alec had no place running a BBS. I never actually hated Alec, just realized he had a lot of growing up to do. I also think (and I'm no psychiatrist) that he was just a social outcast in real life (hence his contempt for America), so he kinda' got retribution on the net (playing Devil's Advocate), but all he did was make even more enemies and become further distanced from people who could've been friends in a common hobby. I think he realized this too, and therefore disappeared. I could be wrong, but that's what I gathered...


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I was on that board and while I didn't participate in the flame wars I did witness them first hand and did speak with Alec a couple times. I really didn't see him as being any more of an ass than I can be at times. I know some people got banned for little reason, but most of them were banned over the Dion flame wars and verbally abusive behavoir. I think towards the end he was jumpy about how quickly to ban someone, but by then he was under quite a bit of scrutiny. Who knows why he stuck up for Dion, that is between them. As for the Buyrite thing, to Alec's defense, I used to use Buyrite as a game store back then and they always did right by me. Since then the service has gone to SHIT, I think KoF 99 was the last game I bought from them. NCS is just SOOOOO much better. Also, you could disagree with Alec without getting an immediate ban. I proved that a number of times. I had disagreements with him that we litterally posted back and forth every hour or so. He held his opinions strongly and defended them with all he had sometimes, who here in youth didn't? He may have been guilty of exagerating certain things, but again who here doesn't sometimes? I have heard some of the rumors that floated around, and some of it seems to be true according to later posts I read, but all that isn't really worth discussing. It would just start more trouble and that is the last thing we really need. We got a new board that is devoted to the Neo, we don't need more shit stirred in the pot. Besides, I am sure the number of rumors far outweighs the number of Truths about the entire situation.


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Originally posted by Master Terry Bogard:
On his website, doesn't it say that he was going to do something more charatable?

On a side note, I don't know if it was him or not (making a big if-but he used same e-mail address as that website, I think. I believe he was living on New York and in DC). I got a "mint" copy of Cross Swords 2 for Neo Geo cd on ebay around last Dec? The game was definitely not mint. Good is more like it. Said he will trade feedbacks, but didn't return my feedback too. It was fine with me. But what irked me was that then he had the nerve to put glowing response on the positive feedback that I left on him-like, oh what a great transaction, I really appreciate...whatever. What ego. Infact, he did it w/ all of his positive feedbacks. Weird. Fast shipper though.

Some Dip$hits on ebay dont know how to leave feedback, they think responding to their file adds feedback to your file. If you look up the URL for someones feedback you can see all the feedback that they have left by adding the word LEFT to the url in the correct spot right after

So a string would be like this

By doing this trick you can see if a high feedbacker even bothers giving out feedback, and also check out a problem user who is giving you crap to see if he is prone to negging people...(you can avoid negatives this way).


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So it sounds like he was just an immature webmaster
No big deal then I guess, I thought he was into bigger stuff. Like ripping people off or fraud or something like that.


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Neo alec was in an advocate of "orochi kaade" whether it was intentional or not.A lot of people got ripped off mainly beacause he promoted this site o the bitter end, even when dozens of stories were emerging that people were getting ripped off left right and centre, and then when the scam was complete and the "orochi kaede" site was "closed down " as "orochi kaede " claimed to have personal problems and didnt have time to run the site anymore, even then Neo alec continued to link the site, and at exactly the same time the Neo alec bulletin board closed down and his unooficial neo site ceased to have updates.All very convenient.
Hello everyone. I just found out about this place and read your messages yesterday. I wasn't going to post; I was just going to drop it and forget about the whole thing. That's what everyone should do. But I decided that I owe it to myself, after all the hard work I've put in, to clear my name. It's amazing the way rumors can get blown so far out of proportion in a group like this. Many of the things I've read above were a complete surprise to me; I've never heard of some of these complaints. Which is a testament to how far from the truth they are. I will just write one long post and try to get all of the truth out. Gambit, I don't know why you are so interested, but I'll tell you first-hand that these rumors you've heard are false.

First of all, I was never partners with Buyrite, of course. Dolphin's completely right in saying that I was too small time for a partnership with Buyrite. I mean, why would Buyrite even care about And besides, if they were paying me, then why weren't there any Buyrite banners on the pages? I never had the same email address as Buyrite either. Any rumor that I was doing anything illegal is completely out of the question. Buyrite is simply a topic that came up a couple of times in the bulletin board, and Buyrite was okay by me. I didn't love Buyrite. I know they have a bad reputation with you guys online. It's just that I have done business with Buyrite many times and I have never had any real big problems with them. I don't doubt that you have been ripped off. I simply feel that at Buyrite you have to be very careful and you get what you pay for. At a store like that, whining about problems isn't going to get you very far. Anyone who sees Buyrite's cheap web site should be able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that they won't be getting the highest quality service. Buyrite is a small store with a cheap site. There are plenty of small stores out there with great service. Buyrite just happens to be a store with mediocre service, and the quality of service I get from them is about what I expect. If you don't want that, then don't order from them. I'm still sorry if you have gotten ripped off. I'm not saying that's okay. I still order from Buyrite and there is confusion with my orders once in a while, but I expect it. For their prices the bad service is worth it.

Master Terry Bogard, I don't know what you're talking about. You must be thinking of someone else. I have never sold Crossed Swords 2 on eBay. It was probably Buyrite that sold it to you, if they had Buyrite's address. You'd better check your feedback again. It's obvious that many rumors are out of control and unfounded. I mean, you can't decide if I'm from NY or DC, though I've never been to either of those places. Where do you get these ideas from? It's not any of your business where I am, actually. Your suspicion that this person wasn't me is correct. You shouldn't say so if you're not sure though.

Vince, you have some nerve to be talking about where I live and who my brother is behind my back here. I personally feel that you are violating my privacy. I don't trust you at all anymore. You wanted to meet me because you learned that I sometimes go to Raven Video Games. But I knew from the beginning that you would be disappointed to meet me and disenchanted. I'm sorry that I was rude to you at the store. I was embarrassed; I haven't ever really met someone else I knew from the Net before. I was in a hurry to. Forgive me for not saying anything. I realized I had been rude as soon as I left and should have emailed you or something.

Of course I have tried one of the Neo Geo emulators, but have not used it regularly. I only tried it with games I already own anyway. I did not like emulation, and I was very clear about it. I was not someone secretly enjoying the roms on one side, and then publicly hating them. It was not hypocrisy. You know very well that I was not a flamer in the BB. I had strong opinions that I voiced, but you know that flaming was something I always sought to prevent myself. Again, the idea that I was being paid off by Buyrite is absurd, and your suspicion only shows how little you know about the situation.

My censorship as the BB moderator was always anything but biased. My policy was always to delete messages that flamed and attacked other people. The opinions expressed were not what mattered, and I never kicked anyone out because of their opinions. A personal attack is what got a user deleted. Of course, I was opposed to emulation. I didn't like emulation and felt that I should use the influence I had to prevent it. That's why Neo-Alec's Unofficial doesn't deal with emulation. But talking about emulation was never a reason to get banned from the board. Illegal activity like trading roms or selling 'backup' copies is what got you in trouble with me. I had strong feelings about these issues and did what I could to prevent them. But again, I didn't ban the advocates of emulation unless they were flaming other users, which unfortunately, they often did.

I never had much of anything to do with the Dion thing. I don't know what he was doing to cheat people, if that's what he was doing. Again, I was simply being unbiased. Dion had always been polite to me and didn't make trouble in the BB. That's why I didn't delete his posts. I was not a Dion-ass-kisser by any means though. If Dion had been flaming, he would have been right out with all the rest of them. A number of times he emailed me and asked if I would help him with some of his ideas for online Neo Geo projects, and I always said no. When he emailed me and politely asked if I could put up links to his sites, then I always happily added the links for him because there wasn't anything wrong, that I could find, with the sites he wanted to post. I also had respect for Dion because of his high amount of involvement in the online Neo Geo scene. But if he was doing anything unfair, then of course I think that's unacceptable.

Vince, you remember Radio. I don't know where you get off calling me a narcissist though. Anyone who thought I was self-absorbed or big-headed was misunderstanding completely. Neo-Alec's Unoffficial Neo Geo Page was a site that I started when I was 16 in high school. It was my first web project. I mostly made the site because I was interested in the Internet, as it turns out, and the fact that the site ended up being about Neo Geo was sort of a fluke. I just happened to like Neo Geo and I noticed that there weren't many sites about it at that time. As time went on, I expanded what I knew about the WWW by expanding the web site. This wasn't always something that benefited the SNK fans. Silly and irrelevant activity sections like Neo Geo Madlibs are what came out of this. I was only messing around, trying out new concepts. The chat room and the Jpop site are what followed. At this point I had turned into a Japanese entertainment site, and Neo Alec's Unofficial Neo Geo Page just happened to be one part of it. I'm sorry to all you SNK fans that this is the way things turned out. The problem with, of course, was that it was about me, and not Neo Geo. And that's not what I wanted. I didn't want a site that was about me. When I hosted Radio, this was meant to be a joke. I would say things like "Not even I, Neo-Alec can do this." This was not meant as real gloating, it was a joke. You see, some of my offline friends who knew about the site would sometimes sarcastically call me "Neo-Alec". It was a big joke to all of us. The idea that anyone could respect 'Neo-Alec' and his site was a joke. The fact that the site was still called but no longer just for Neo-Alec's Unofficial was where the joke came from. Of course I wasn't being narcissistic, because why do you think I moved everything over to J-Fan in the first place? Because was a site 'about me' and I didn't want that anymore. I never wanted to be in the middle of all this cult celebrity crap, so that's why I knew that eventually the site would need to be moved and renamed. J-Fan was not a site about me. You attack me just because you misunderstand the sense of humor I had about the situation. Sorry for having a sense of humor about it. I could have been, as you put it, a "narcissist fool", but that's exactly what I meant to avoid. By the way, Radio was the predecessor of the J-Fan Radio we still have online today. Aaron Nanto is the producer of this (some of you may know him as the owner of and he does an excellent job. It has been a pleasure working with Aaron on J-Fan.

DolphinLord, I've got no problems with you; I just wish you hadn't deleted your Why did you do a stupid-assed thing like that? I emailed you to inquire about why your web site was so similar to I never wanted your site removed; I was just curious and flattered by your site's similarities. The right thing to do would have been to reply to my message and say, "I'll try not to plagiarize too much in the future." Doing nothing would have been fine, but what you did do was totally wrong. You should have taken your "I won't make any dumb-assed decisions" pills before you decided to delete your web site on the spur of the moment like that. I always take at least a night, if not days and weeks before making an important decision like that these days. I've learned from doing dumb things like that. I hope you learned too. I just wish you hadn't destroyed all of your hard work. Now look, people don't have or anymore. Then you had to go and tell people that I 'made' you delete it. Let me tell you something dude, the only person that can make you delete your own web site is yourself. You should never have said that about me. The timing couldn't have been worse.

Toward the end of the BBS, I posted a message that let people into my personal life a bit more. Back then my philosophy was putting a personal image on the administrator. It's a model that I don't follow anymore. I said that I had been depressed for a few years, which I have been. I said that I was taking drugs for it and that I was seeing a new therapist. I was not saying I was a mess because of I wasn't looking for people's sympathy either - I didn't want your sympathy at all. It's just that people were smearing my name like crazy back then because of the deletion policies I had in my BBS. The emux BBS became a safe haven for anyone kicked out of the BBS. This I never intended. Guys were tearing me apart like a KOF character that they hate. What I felt they didn't realize, and needed to realize, was that I was a real person here, not just a fake character. I just wanted to put a human face on 'Neo-Alec'. I always wanted nothing more than to do the right thing, and the fact that I was being treated this way about it was what bothered me. Again, being depressed had nothing to do with my actions, I just wanted to add a human element. Which I would now say was a bad idea.

Lou, I loved Gunstar Heroes. Don't say I hated that game, because you know I couldn't possibly say that. It was just my opinion in one of our discussions that Gunstar Heroes wasn't the BEST Genesis game.

By no means am I a person who believes Japan is a magical utopian place. I would be strongly opposed to anyone who believes that. Japan is a country with plenty of its own problems. I don't hate the US, I'm just cynical about it. The only opinion I ever expressed about this was that I disliked American video games in general. There are many people who feel the same way, because American games, especially in the 16-bit days, would tend to be very different in style than Japanese ones. I simply voiced my distaste for most American games, and you've blown it out of proportion to say that I'm a Japan-worshipper just because Jpop is one of my hobbies. I would strongly caution anyone who likes Japanese entertainment just because they have a false idea that Japan is a utopian place, and I have always felt this way. That is not a good reason to like Jpop. It may be true that being sort of a social outcast, I became interested in Japan. But I don't think this is a good way to become a fan of Japanese entertainment, and I hope that most people won't become J-Fans for this reason. Japanese entertainment is important and deserves to be acknowledged, but not just because a person has forsaken their own country.

And excuse me, you're calling me immature? Coming from this crowd, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. I am 20 years old right now. I started my first web site when I was 16. I am by no means immature and experienced. 20 years old, as far as I'm concerned at this point, is old. Heck, these days 20 is old enough to be a CEO of a company, heh heh. Anyway, I just think that's really ridiculous to call me immature for the site that I ran. If you think you could have done a better job, then do it yourself. I am an experienced webmaster, and I have learned a lot from my time with I had a commitment to running the site fairly, which I know I did. The problem was, I wanted the hands-on experience. I wanted to participate as just a regular contributor in the discussions. Today I know this isn't possible, which is why I always take the hands-off approach to any of my web projects now.

Thanks for sort of believing in me, Asmoday. I always thought you were a good person back when I knew you. I guess in these situations you do find out who your real friends are.

About Orochi Kaede... She was someone who I met back when we were running Chat. In fact, most of us trusted her so much that we made her one of the moderators there. She did a good job up until the point that she left. Since I was her friend in this way and trusted her, I was more than obliged to link to her site. When I started hearing people complain of being ripped off, I was shocked. I always trusted her, but I never had any business dealings with her, so I don't know in what manner she conducted them. I merely kept the link to her web site because I was not involved at all in those problems, and took no stance on the issues. As always, I was very neutral. You may want to go easy on her, because from what I know, she was extremely physically ill. Again, I'm sorry if you got ripped off though. As far as I would know for sure, it didn't happen. I just don't know.

Another guy I've had problems with, of course, if Chris Mullins, and I'm not sure why. If you want to call anyone immature, then he's the guy for you. It started out with him just asking me for advice and feedback on the early version of his own Neo Geo site. I was always as helpful as I could be and I thought he was an okay guy. Unfortunately, he decided to hate me for one comment I eventually made. He mentioned once that my site was as good as "Christopher's Neo Geo Page" (which was a really old Neo Geo site, one of the first decent ones on the Net, if anyone can remember it), which was meant to be a compliment. I told him not to say that because I was certain that I had surpassed Christopher's site. I said this because Christopher's had been rather small and I had worked hard to make big. So I had every right to say so. I meant this out of no disrespect for Christopher, of course. But Chris Mullins apparently didn't like that and was insulted because he had been a personal friend of Christopher or something, and since then he has taken every little comment from me that he doesn't like and over-scrutinized it. Chris, you should be ashamed for being so incredibly competitive about this. This whole situation was never that important to me. And talking shit about me was definitely the immature way to deal with your problems.

So that's about it. In my experience with the online Neo Geo scene, I've found that I don't like it. It seems to be, in some ways, a warring community that simply loves to fight. I am not of this nature, which is exactly why I tried so hard to keep Bulletin Boards clean in the first place. In the future, I will always try to keep a hands-off approach to my webmastering. This gets a person into far less trouble. If you're interested in what I'm doing now, I'm the owner of got changed last March into J-Fan, and the site still exists. Obviously, J-Fan isn't a Neo Geo site, so as you can see, I've moved on to something different. (On a side note, I had a new Neo Geo forum opened for you guys at J-Fan, but nobody used it, so I closed it.) Luckily I have a lot of other people working on J-Fan, so it's not a huge one-man undertaking. As I was saying before, I changed the site to J-Fan because it was obvious that the name just didn't fit anymore. I didn't want to run a web site with my name stamped all over everything (I was never in this game for personal glory) and it was obvious that I was moving into other fields besides Neo Geo with the web site. was my personal web site that I used for everything, which was exactly the problem with it. was never a great Neo Geo site, never very committed to serving the SNK fans. So it's good that other, much better sites, like this one have come along since then. This BBS is great. It has fully realized the potential that the Boards had. I never wanted the BBS to explode as big as it did, and I wasn't prepared for it either. It was simply something I had setup for the site's visitors to communicate with each other. I never intended for it to become a huge all-purpose forum for all Neo Geo fans. Leave that job to a real committed site like this one. Sean, you're doing a great job with this place. I don't know why anyone took so much notice of the BBS in the first place; it wasn't that great. And so I'm sorry, to you fans, because that's where I failed you. I was not committed to the cause, which is why I was so quick to shutdown and stop the BBS. Sorry. If anyone still cares about what I'm doing that much, then J-Fan is where I am. I still exist. Neo-Alec's Unofficial still exists. It is at It is rarely updated anymore, but I still update that damned list of "Signs you've been playing too much Neo Geo". Heh heh.. Maybe I'll write a few more new reviews someday for the hell of it. I still play Neo Geo a little, but have no interest in discussing it with people online anymore. Thank you for reading at least some of this post and I hope you will understand.

Master Terry Bogard

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Pardon. I just checked my ancient e-mails, and the name of the person that sold me me the item on ebay was Alex Jernigan, and his e-mail account was: I guess he's not you. I thought maybe it was you, because that was the same e-mail that was on your webite. My apologies.


the truth is that the snk devils destroyed his board due to dion and his stance with ngf..nuff said!


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I remember visiting Neo-Alec's web site a very long time ago. I didn't participate much
then (I was too busy playing Neo-Geo and working; I wasn't too much into the Net either -- it was still in its infancy and Neo sites were very rare), but looking back on it in retrospect (and reading Alec's post), it sounds like some things were severely exaggerated. I never participated in the 'old war' (I never posted -- I was a silent party), but some reputations were ruined for no good reason (so it seems after finally reading both sides of the story). Heh... I guess this Chris Mullins character wasn't scamming people under the Dark Kaeda ghost name afterall ( Alec clearly stated that Dark Kaeda was a female). Damn....