Can anyone with a Street Smart PCB help me out


CPS2 Person.,
A recent thread in the wanted section for a street smart pcb made me remember a faulty street smart pcb I bought eight years ago.

I pulled it out and discovered it has been worked on/butchered by a noob. There are cuts and jumpers all over the place and I don't know what might be factory and what is a botched fix.

Is there someone out there with this pcb willing to confirm a few traces for me.


Giga Shock!!
Let me guess: Your cut traces are on the bottom side, of the bottom board, near the edge of the board.


CPS2 Person.,
Hey mm,

Looks like he's got a SS board.

You can always PM him for some help. :D

Very Funny:shame:

Version i just sold was a World revision, different pcb, if only slightly.

Yeah the one you sold was running on a different main board than my version of street smart. My board looks like the one Tyranix posted. Your street smart main board is the same revision of the main board of my Ikari Warriors III pcb main board I found and forgot I owned.
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