BitMap NEOGEO:A Visual History


Neo Bubble Buster
Just a poll but how many of you folks actually bought or looked into this book?

This thing is freaking awesome and worth every penny!:eye::multi_co:
Its ok thought. Would be better with english AES Covers too.
Most of the stuff i did already know or even own, but for people not so familar with Neo-geo struff its a fountain of knowlege.
Its a nice homage to the Neo-Geo thought.


Tarma's Gun Polisher
It's great. There's not a whole bunch of behind the scenes, never seen before stuff (but there is some bits in there). It isn't encyclopedic. But what it is, is a great visual history coffee table book... clue is in the title+size+design+price - all a nice balance :)

If you want to explain to anyone what the neo geo is, just hand them the book: They'll understand why you like the neo-geo, whether or not they're into it themselves.

A class act.


Rugal's Thug
It's a great coffe table book with really nice pictures, but I miss that they didn't include all game covers for example. But I guess it's a matter of cost.


Krauser's Shoe Shiner
Got mine last Christmas. I really like it and the price is more than fair.

I also have the ARTCADE one from Bitmap Books. Also very satisfied with quality, price and shipping (plastic protectors on every corner aside from the cardboard box).